Friday, September 18, 2020

Remembering the Day the World Stopped

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Sometimes, words are never enough. The images of September 11 cast a dark cloud over what had been a clear blue sky for millions of Americans and forever altered our history.

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Casey Jordan
Casey Jordan
6 days ago

Never forget what happened. That day and the next we, as a country, were united. It didn’t matter what color you were, what religion you practiced (or if you didn’t practice any religion), what socioeconomic background you came from, or even what country you originally came from. We were united in helping one another and taking care of one another and rebuilding from this horrendous event.

Emma L. Anderson
Emma L. Anderson
6 days ago
Reply to  Casey Jordan

Yes. This is a horrible memory. I watched TV that morning &couldn’t believe what was happening. Marxists want a New World with a DICTATORSHIP etc. can’t let this happen folks! Marxists tried to STOP this REMEMBRANCE This is THE NEW WORLD take over
If AMERICANS Allow this!!!
VOTE in person; wear a Mask;
STOP 🛑 being AFRAID!
If necessary VOTE ABSENTEE
Mail in voting people!!’
Vote republicans or
You will be in a NEW WORLD
Whether you like it or not!!!

Sent from my iPhoE. AMERICANS finally stood up and made their voices count!!! MARXISTS are hurting AMERICANS

Last edited 6 days ago by Emma L. Anderson
Emma L. Anderson
Emma L. Anderson
6 days ago

VOTE for REPUBLICANS & PRESIDENT TRUMP if you don’t want taxes raised; schools taken over by Socialism/communism/RADICALS/Marxists. Think about family; YOUR CHILDREN and GRANDCHILDREN. They will want & enjoy FREEDOMS to chose what to eat; where to live; where to work; how many hours they WORK; think. Keep AMERICANS FREE!!!

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