Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Why is this Network Protecting Hillary?

Is the media kicking in to overdrive to help Hillary Clinton get elected? It’s starting to look like it.

For months, conservatives have noted, quite correctly, that Donald Trump has received inordinately nice media coverage. The Donald has received unprecedented free media, and enjoys a friendly rapport with a slew of top hosts. MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and his liberal counterpart Mike Brzezinski have not been bashful about their love for Trump, as have Fox hosts Sean Hannity and Eric Bolling. Even shows that are less than sympathetic to Trump have taken the unprecedented step of allowing him to phone in, where other candidates are usually required to do face-to-face sessions, and he’s rarely had to go too far in explaining many of his more popular policy proposals.

Still, many have warned that this sort of treatment is a honeypot meant to lure Trump into a feeling of comfort, until Hillary Clinton has secured the nomination. Then, as the theory goes, the long knives will come out. 

Sounds crazy, right? Well, the campaign to get Hillary elected may already be underway. 

This week on CNN, Trump supporter and Newsmax host Steve Malzberg faced off with Cruz supporter Judson Phillips. The pair were discussing Donald Trump’s problem numbers with women voters, and how they might be a problem in the general election. When Malzberg mentioned that this seemingly insurmountable barrier might be nothing more than an information issue and began delving into Hillary Clinton’s record, host Carol Costello made things very interesting. As the Daily Caller notes:

Appearing on “CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello” on Tuesday, Newsmax’s Steve Malzberg, who supports Donald Trump said, “When you get one-on-one, especially if it’s Hillary, Donald Trump will go places nobody is willing to go — where the media at this point isn’t willing to go: Bringing up Clinton’s women who say they were intimidated by Hillary. Having them come forward and speak. A litany of issues that you can’t even imagine.”

Costello then interrupted, “I’m thinking that might not be a winning argument for Donald Trump right at this moment.”

Fellow guest Judson Phillips, who is a Ted Cruz supporter chimed in, “That isn’t going to be a winning argument for Donald Trump.”

“Sure it will,” Malzberg replied.

“How many derogatory things has he said about women? His negatives among women are 75 percent right now,” Phillips claimed. Trump is “not going to make that up. There is no way that he can win.”

“Do you know how many young women in this country don’t even know that Bill Clinton was impeached? No, maybe they’ve heard of Monica Lewinsky. They don’t know the women that have accused Bill Clinton of sexual improprieties and that say they have been threatened and intimidated by Hillary Clinton,” Malzberg said.

“A girl who was raped by a pedophile that Hillary Clinton bragged about getting off,” Malzberg began to say before Costello interrupted.

Costello said, “Oh, come on.”

“Wait, let me finish,” Malzberg said. “No, no, no,” Costello replied.

“What do you mean? You don’t want to hear it? That Hillary Clinton is on tape bragging about, as a lawyer getting off on a technicality. That woman now says, ‘Hillary ruined my life.’ That’s not fair,” Malzberg asked.

Preventing Phillips or Malzberg from talking, Costello overruled claiming, “I’m going to leave it there, Goodbye. Thanks for joining me.”

This is all true. In June of 2014, the Washington Free Beacon’s Alana Goodman unearthed audio of Hillary Clinton giving “a frank and detailed assessment of the most significant case of her criminal career: defending a man accused of raping a 12 year old girl.” 

In the audio, which you can listen to here, jokes about her defense of the accused pedophile, noting jokingly that his passage of a polygraph test “forever destroyed her faith in polygraphs.” It’s the sort of thing that most Americans would view as no laughing matter. Costello’s own CNN covered the story, as did ABC, CBS, and various other news organizations. Given that Costello is well educated and accomplished enough to host her own news show on a top network, we find it highly unlikely that she’d be so blissfully unaware of a story this scandalous and relevant to the record of a major party’s frontrunner for the presidential nomination. 

If we’re to assume that she’s not ignorant or ill-informed, then why shut down the discussion?

Why indeed.


AAN Staff
AAN Staff
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