Thursday, July 2, 2020

VIDEO: Unhinged Leftist Approaches Students. You Won’t Believe What Happens Next.


As liberals grow more unstable and violent, the public is seeing more videos like one captured on October 24 at the University of Michigan.

In a five-minute-long rampage recorded by members of Turning Point USA, a campus leftist methodically steals and destroys the organization’s property, the Daily Wire reports.

“Recording me don’t make me feel no type of way, so you can keep doing it,” the dangerous leftist smirks to the camera.

During the rampage, a crowd gathered, with one leftist egging on the attack and invoking race.

He then demands the conservatives call the police; convinced officers will arrest them for “hate crimes.”

But when officers showed up, the liberal panicked and fled, McIntosh tells the Daily Wire. Officers pursued him, but he escaped.

The perpetrator was later identified, but it is unclear if university officials did anything about the criminal incident.

“I didn’t know who it was at first, and the police said they couldn’t really do anything until we figured out who it was,” McIntosh told the Daily Wire. “On Friday, I walked into one of my classes, and the guy who did it walked right in. My mind was blown.”

“McIntosh then looked up his class list online and figured out the vandal’s name,” the Daily Wire reports.

“Through meetings with some university officials, I was told if I would’ve gotten physical with him, I would’ve been subject to punishment even though I was defending my stuff,” McIntosh tells the Daily Wire.

The Daily Wire reports police contacted TPUSA to let them know charges will be filed. “The case has been sent to the prosecutor’s office. I expect charges next week; however, cannot divulge any charges or other details until the subject is arraigned, per Michigan law,” TPUSA representatives note.

As liberals continue to be rejected by the public, they are increasingly turning to mob violence against conservatives and claiming criminal violence is a form of “social justice.”

For example, when Milo Yiannopolus attempted to speak at the University of California – Berkeley, liberals violently assaulted bystanders with pipes and attempted to set fire to the building with people in it.

AAN Staff
AAN Staff
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