Monday, August 3, 2020

Trump Torches Crooked Hillary with One Devastating Tweet

One of the more underreported elements of this campaign cycle has been Hillary Clinton’s disastrous attempt to humanize herself via social media. Admittedly, this is a difficult task. For all of Clinton’s perceived strengths, she evinces a total lack of humanity. She’s robotic and cold. Her laughter is so forced as to sound maniacal. Former Reagan speechwriter Peggy Noonan has noted that when Clinton wants to emphasize an applause line her voice becomes “loud, flat, and harassing to the ear.” In short, making someone like this relatable to voters is no easy task.

Still, her staff has tried EVERYTHING. Last week it got so bad that they quit on Hillary being Hillary, and had Hillary be SNL’s Kate McKinnon pretending to be Hillary pretending to be relatable:


You really can’t get lower than that, and today, it looked like Hillary was on the upswing. On the same day she received an endorsement from President Obama, she landed a hard shot at Donald Trump on Twitter:


If you don’t know, “delete your account” is the ultimate Twitter burn. It’s a less than polite comment made by a Tweeter who is trying to convey that another Tweeters Tweet has no inherent value. It’s like telling someone to move to the mountains and stop bothering people. It made Hillary look like she speaks the language of all the hip young people who preferred Bernie. It was a win.

For a second.

Then Trump noticed, and Hillary’s one shining moment was over:


Trump’s tweet is absolutely perfect. For all his faults, the man has shown a keen ability to pinpoint his rivals respective weaknesses and hammer them. Hillary’s greatest weakness is that she’s dishonest. That everything she does is market tested and designed to make her look like whomever she needs to be in a particular moment. That it’s timed at a moment when Hillary finally seeemed to figure something out makes it all the more brutal. 

And so the social media disaster continues.

AAN Staff
AAN Staff
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