Sunday, March 29, 2020

The Death of the Terrorist Master, Soleimani

For over 40 years Iran has been at war with the United States, and the Terrorist Master, Soleimani, planned and coordinated Iran’s violent attacks against all US forces that killed and maimed thousands of members of the US Armed Forces in Lebanon, Iraq, and Afghanistan. 
Most recently, Soleimani led the effort to Iran’s shoot down a 20 million dollar drone flying over the Persian Gulf; the US did not respond.
Iran next attacked a Saudi ARAMCO’s crude oil refining center in eastern Saudi Arabia, one of American’s allies, with rockets and cruise missiles; the US did not respond.
Iran then attacked two large crude oil tankers on the high seas in the Persian Gulf threatening freedom of navigation; the US did not respond.
The US had been showing enormous restraint, as it had during Iran’s targeting and killing of 600 US military personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan at the hands of the Terror Master, Soleimani, which also maimed numerous US military personnel for life. 
When Iran perpetrated their next violent attack on US military personnel at a military base in Iraq, killing one American and wounding four other Americans, the US finally responded and struck and killed the 25 attackers.  
Iran mobilized its terrorists to storm and occupy the US Embassy in Baghdad which is actually an attack on US soil. The US had enough, and responded with a surgical military strike that took out the perpetrator of all the previous attacks, and many more attacks on the US over the last 40 years, the Terrorist Master, Soleimani. 
On Tuesday, Iran fired multiple short range tactical ballistic and cruise, surface to surface missiles, from multiple locations inside Iranian territory, targeting two US facilities in Iraq.  The military attack is a severe escalation of military aggression by one country against another; Iran should know that the US Armed Forces are prepared to retaliate and at moment’s notice.


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