Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Secret Nazi Bases Revealed After 75 Years

Experts are still uncovering secrets at hidden Nazi bases from World War II, now largely forgotten by time. 

The covert sites spread across Europe will be explored in never-before-seen detail in a new documentary on the Science Channel called “Secret Nazi Ruins,” premiering at 10 p.m. ET tonight. (Fox News)

“To this day, the remains of Nazi Bases lie waiting to reveal their truth about Hitler’s tactics and dreams,” explained Science Channel, in a statement. Sites examined in the series include the Maisy Batteries, a huge group of artillery batteries built in Northern France by the German military. The site has been recently excavated and investigated with the help of newly revealed documents, according to Science Channel.

Other sites featured in the series include the vast base of Dag Bromberg, which is hidden in a Polish forest, and the V-2 rocket base Kraftwerk Nord West in France. Experts will also explore Bergkristal, a bunker and tunnel complex in Austria, which is described as possessing a “mysterious level of radiation.” An unusual mansion on a beach in the Canary Islands “with design elements that defy its stated residential purpose” will also be examined.

“It seems as though every year that passes since the events of WWII we discover new sites, new plots and new terrors the Nazi war machine was behind,” said Daniel Oron, the show’s executive producer, in a statement emailed to Fox News. ‘Secret Nazi Ruins’ aims to uncover the mysteries and buried plots through investigating the remnants of known and recently excavated Nazi projects.”

Other Nazi sites from World War II have been unearthed. In 2016, scientists at the Russian Arctic National Park discovered the remains of a secret Nazi base on the remote island of Alexandra Land in the Franz Josef Land archipelago.

AAN Staff
AAN Staff
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