Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Scientist Suggests Cannibalism to Fight Climate Change

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Just days after Democrat presidential candidate and socialist Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders called for U.S. taxpayers to fund global abortions to “save the planet” by reducing the number of babies in foreign countries, a Swedish environmentalist is calling for cannibalism as a rational means of reducing human populations.

In a presentation titled “Can you Imagine Eating Human Flesh?,” Magnus Soderlund, an environmentalist and Stockholm School of Economics behavioral scientist, is calling for people to eat each other in the name of environmental “sustainability.”

Speaking to a “Gastro Summit” conference addressing “food of the future” Soderlund says humans are “too selfish to live sustainably” and new marketing measures must be taken to convince people to give up carbon-emitting food sources like plants and animals and instead eat each other.

“He refers to the taboos against it as ‘conservative’ and discusses people’s resistance to it as a problem that could be overcome, little by little, beginning with persuading people to just taste it,” writes Celia Farber in The Epoch Times. “He can be seen in his video presentation and on Swedish channel TV4 saying that since food sources will be scarce in the future, people must be introduced to eating things they have thus far considered disgusting—among them, human flesh.”

“Easier sells he suggests include pets and insects, but human flesh was the central topic,” writes Farber. “In Swedish articles describing this new debate, the term ‘mannisko-kotts branschen’ is introduced. This means ‘the human flesh industry.'”

It’s not the first time environmentalists have endorsed cannibalism as the solution to whatever they claimed at the moment was killing the Earth.

Lyall Watson, a South African environmentalist, scientist and author, quoted in a 1995 issue of the Financial Times, endorsed cannibalism as a “radical but realistic solution to the problem of overpopulation.”

One of his many books was that year’s “Dark Nature: A Natural History of Evil.” The use of “overpopulation” by environmentalist as the reason to adopt global socialism reached its peak in the 1970s, but by 1995 most others had distanced themselves from it, as it endorsed forced abortions and euthanasia.

Not Watson, who went so far as to suggesting ritually killing and decapitating people in the name of environmentalism, and possibly even legalizing murder and cannibalism to protect ecosystems.

“I am seriously suggesting that headhunting, the practice of ritual killing, is not necessarily evil,” he wrote in Dark Nature. “If it serves to promote ecological equilibrium, population stability, and social cohesion-as it does in Asmat-it is well worth considering as a valid choice of lifestyle. Perhaps murder and even cannibalism are not bad in themselves.”

Save America From AOC
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