Sunday, May 31, 2020

San Francisco’s Tourism Nightmare

San Francisco’s tourism industry is the city’s biggest employer, selling visitors on the experience of cable cars, beautiful views, and historic homes.

But as the city’s liberal leadership turns the metropolis into a cesspool of homelessness, drug use, and feces-covered streets, San Francisco’s economic lifeblood is drying up as major conferences abruptly cancel scheduled conventions and flee to nearby cities.

The problem first became visible last year when a major conference suddenly canceled its annual San Francisco convention after attendees reported the city made them fear for their lives.

“A large medical convention that has been coming to San Francisco since the 1980s is looking for a new host city because of the dirty streets and the homeless issue plaguing the area, according to San Francisco Travel, the city’s convention and visitors bureau,” KRON reported in July 2018.

“SF Travel does not want to name the five-day trade show that draws 15,000 attendees and pumps about $40 million into the local economy because they are hoping to lure them back in the future. The convention told SF travel ‘that they loved the city, but post-convention surveys revealed their members were afraid to walk the streets amid the open drug use, threatening behavior and mental illness that are common on the streets,'” KRON reported.

“San Francisco’s biggest industry is tourism. It brings in $9 billion a year, creates 80,000 jobs, and generates more than $725 million in local taxes,” KRON added.

Even liberal industries can’t stand being in San Francisco. Intersolar, a major annual conference of the solar energy industry, suddenly canceled their 2019 event after a decade in San Francisco, citing the city’s high costs.

“The San Francisco event, usually held in July alongside storage show EES and electric vehicle show Power2Drive North America, will resume in 2020 with a new date in February and a new San Diego location,” the conference announced this March.

“The event has obviously been there for 10 years, but it’s become pretty cost-prohibitive for attendees and vendors,” said Wes Doane, event director for Diversified Communications, which purchased the event and took over planning.

Diversified Communications runs over 50 trade shows and conferences in 15 different industries, meaning other conferences and conventions will either cancel plans to visit San Francisco or not consider it as a potential location.

Even residents want out.

A new Bay Area Council poll finds 40 percent of San Fransisco-area residents say “they want to move away in the next few years, a marked increase from the 33 percent who said in 2016 they wanted to leave,” The San Jose Mercury News reports.

“Even worse, the new survey found that young adults are more inclined to leave: 46 percent of millennials want to lead the charge out of the Bay Area in the next few years,” the Mercury News adds.

AAN Staff
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