Friday, August 7, 2020

Republican Senator Says She was Raped

Martha McSally, Arizona’s junior Senator and the first female fighter pilot in combat, revealed in emotional testimony during a Senate hearing that she was “preyed upon and then raped” while serving in the Air Force.

Fox News’ Gregg Re reports:

The Arizona Republican, who served 26 years in the Air Force, made the disclosure during a Senate hearing on sexual assault allegations in the military. McSally said she didn’t report the assault because she didn’t trust the system, and was ashamed and confused.

“My drive to fight against sexual assault in the ranks is not from the outside looking in,” McSally began. “And it is deeply personal.”

McSally said that during her military career, she was “greatly privileged to prepare and then lead my amazing Airmen in combat, which is the apex responsibility of any warrior leader.”

But, McSally added that she had also “witnessed so many weaknesses in the processes involving sexual assault prevention, investigation, and adjudication,” which motivated her “to make recommendations to Air Force leaders, shaped my approach as a commander, and informed my advocacy for change while I remained in the military and since I have been in Congress.”

McSally did not name the superior officer who raped her and instead shared her disgust over the systemic failures in the command hierarchy.

AAN Staff
AAN Staff
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24 days ago

Where are the leaders for the conservative right? I read more about the never Trumper dissenters than I read about Trump Loyalists. I read about George Conway and the Lincoln group of dissenters and so many others I ca’t remember their names. I don’t read about any Democrats that are against the looters and destroyers of American cities. Democrats are either too regimented not to tow the line, they are afraid of being censured or they are really sincere in their beliefs,I wish I knew the truth. I can’t find a newspaper that isn’t so far to the left I throw it in the trash. I feel like a voice in the wilderness crying out for conservative water. Only three cable news services tell both sides of the problem. OANN, NEWSMAX and Fox. Fox is trying to straddle the line between left and right but is starting to fail miserably. No one can serve two masters. I repeat–I’m here, have been for sixty years. Where are my conservative leaders?

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