Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg Broke the Law?


Liberal Media darling Mayor Pete Buttigieg let slip on Monday night that, during his time serving in Afghanistan, he brought back some “antique rifles” as war trophies. The only problem? As conservative Ryan Saavedra pointed out on Twitter: doing so was probably illegal. 

Importing any firearm from a war zone is strictly prohibited by US military code. As was reported as far back as 2003, on the Defense Department’s own website

“With about 140,000 American service members due to rotate out of Iraq and Afghanistan, U.S. Central Command officials are very clear that service members cannot bring home weapons, ammunition and other prohibited items.  
A few soldiers of the 3rd Infantry Division understand how serious the command is. Some soldiers tried to smuggle weapons back from Baghdad, and they have gone through courts martial. Others received Article 15 administrative punishments. “There is a whole spectrum of punishments, depending on the severity of the offense,” said Maj. Robert Resnick, an Army lawyer at Fort Stewart, Ga.” 

Buttigieg seemed to not have given these regulations much thought at all. Perhaps this shouldn’t come as a surprise though, a Rhodes scholar educated at the ultra-liberal Harvard University, he’s surely used to playing by a different set of rules as the rest of the American people. As the article on the Defense Department’s website points out, other soldiers received punishments as harsh as full court martials for the same behavior. Mayor Pete, on the other hand, gets to brag about his ill-gotten war trophies without the mainstream media even batting an eye.  

Mayor Pete’s disregard for the military’s own rules regarding guns hasn’t stopped him from demanding that regular Americans adhere to his own party’s brutal set of gun restrictions. Restrictions he has advocated for such preventing law-abiding American citizens from owning so-called “assault weapons.” Yet another glaring example of Liberal Hypocrisy.  

AAN Staff
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