Sunday, March 29, 2020

Politically Correct Judge Bans Use Of Term Muslim

A federal judge banned the mention of Muslims and Islam at an upcoming New Jersey town public hearing concerning an Islamic group’s request to build a mosque.

The August 8 public hearing will discuss the $3.25 million settlement the Department of Justice ordered Bernards Township to pay in May to the Islamic Society of Basking Ridge for denying their permit to build a mosque in a residential area, according to Fox News. A Christian non-profit law firm, The Thomas More Law Center (TMLC), filed a federal lawsuit over the judge’s word ban on behalf of Christopher and Loretta Quick, who live within 200 feet of the site zoned for the mosque.

“Bernards Township capitulated to the Islamic Society of Basking Ridge, not only paying them $3.25 million and allowing the construction of a mosque in a residential area not suited for such a building, but violated the free speech rights of its citizens by prohibiting them from commenting on Islam or Muslims at an upcoming public hearing,” Richard Thompson, president and chief counsel of TMLC, told Fox News.

“Our lawsuit points out that in the complaint that gave rise to the settlement agreement, the Islamic Society made references to Christians on 24 occasions and Jews on 11 occasions. By the terms of the settlement agreement, the Islamic Society may continue to comment on Christians and Jews. The township has only prohibited comments concerning Islam and Muslims. This is un-American and runs counter to our Constitution,” Thompson added.


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