Friday, July 10, 2020

Mark Levin Casually Drops the Sickest Burn on Nancy Pelosi Ever

Mark Levin is back at it again. 

The syndicated radio personality called Nancy Pelosi “fascistic” for alleging the president engaged in a political cover-up.

The Great One dropped his devastating truth bombs on Fox & Friends. (Mediaite)

Levin opened by mocking what he sees as an unfair obsession that the media has with the president, saying “We endlessly talk what the president said. When he sneezes, when he blows his nose. When he brushes his hair. When he gets up in the morning. It’s Trump, Trump, Trump. Isn’t he a dictator? Isn’t he horrible? Can you believe what he said?”

He then abruptly turned to the Speaker, saying “let’s put the breaks on it. Nancy Pelosi is fascistic. She just declared the president of the United States a criminal based on, what? No Due Process, no court no indictment. She stands up there and she announced the president of the United States a criminal. Nadler announces the president of the United States is a criminal.”

He continued” These are the worst kinds of demagogues who are representing the mob, their base. They have taken over the House of Representatives for their own political purposes.”

AAN Staff
AAN Staff
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    • Mark Levin is a very smart man that was with Ronald Reagan. He understands the Great job President Trump is doing. We need to thank God for these men and Rush & Sean. GO ! President Trump & all you liberty loving AMERICANS.👍😁😃 From the desk of Rick and Kara the Patriots 💯

  1. Typical Democrat leadership (?). We the people know their game and watch as their party crumbles. Also the people see that they aRe blocking the financial help the President promised. I’m sure the Democrat people who are just hanging in will certainly appreciate the delay in getting their money. Good luck with that. Every time you try to make trouble more people leave your party.

    • Ever since the late 60’s early 70’s the communist have slowly been taking over the Democrat party. There hatred for President Trump has brought this to light.

      • It’s evident by their ridiculous and laughable strategy. They continuously come up with moronic plans to get rid of trump and even well before him they have tried to fool US citizens with ridiculous comments, statements and accusations against the conservatives. Little do they know they sound as stupid and foolish as the Iraqis and Iranians saying there are no gays in their countries. What a bunch of fools. Even their stupid FBI plan to take down Trump backfired on them. Keep it up Dumbocrats, you’re burying yourselves. Thank you!!!

  2. Ron, You got it!! Why would anyone in their right mind who cares for our country want Dems running it? This recent bill was designed to provide relief for CITIZENS of our country and to protect us through supplies and research to defeat this Chinese originated virus, which a FACT. However, Dems try to slide in items that doesn’t help citizens in any way. Like more money to kill babies, and campaign finance issues. They continue to prove where their priorities fall. Then, the attacks on the President for the way he acted quickly is just sickening. He’s racist bc it’s a Chinese originated virus. So, ever American who orders “Chinese, Mexican, Italian, Hungarian, etc food are racists.” How childish can they become? I’m not sure who is more mentally deficient—Biden or Pelosi. No Dems offered up any better ways to deal with this Coronavirus issue either medically or economically. Every single thing Gov Cuomo comes out and announces is what President Trump implemented its spoke of the previous week. Could you imagine Biden or Hillary getting us through this crisis? And, the criticism President Trump has received bc he stated he’d love to and can foresee the possibility of Easter for ppl to be working again. He is doing what a good leader does: Set realistic and challenging goals; created a great team of advisors and listens and concedes to them, and remains positive and continue giving hope instead of “gloom and doom.” He’s done a great job approaching what’s going on.

  3. The president is doing something that no other president in the history of man kind has had to do. Fight an enemy you can’t see. Yet we have governors crying we need a Tom Brady. If these polititions can’t do what the people elected them to do than they should just step down or move over for others that are leaders. As for our president keep doing what is right and we will defeat this invisible enemie.

  4. I think our President is the hardest working President to date. How he does it under the conditions he is met by the Democrats is beyond me. Kuddos President Trump!

    • Demorats have not only lost their mind but they’re the ones who are conniving, scheming, crooked, corrupt, lying thieves and Traitors To America should be FIRED FROM CONGRESS IMMEDIATELY‼️🇺🇸 Demorats who do not participate in Congress and do their jobs should be
      KICKED OUT immediately! They are all useless! $$$$$$$$$ is their game‼️

  5. President Trump and Vice President Pence are doing an Excellent job! We ask that God will continue to lead and guide them to provide for the care and safety of the citizens in the USA! PTL

  6. If the Democrats ever get the Senate, House and the Presidency we are doomed I have confidence the American voter will never let that happen but we must be deligent.Never in the history of this country is it so important that we vote Republican.

  7. Personally I am on fixed income as 78 yrs. and as tough as it is, I have tried to support
    Mitch McConnell and few other republicans and I don’t really have it but support is needed in
    order to help Trump. Without a little help from everyone no matter how little, they can’t do it alone and the Dem’s are making it to surpass the Republican Party and myself, I fear for Trump and for our country. All of us that want to keep him in, as I want to, but the party and Trump need donations so just give it some thought. God Bless Him and our party members they have a rough battle. Those running for office of Senate and so forth also have to collect alot in order to buy their seats. They democrats are pulling every string they
    can plus Soro’s is backing the Dems up. Shame Trump’s Billionaire friend passed this past
    year, he sure could use his help now. Anyway to all reading this please give some thought.
    Go Trump for 2020. I am behind you all the way.

  8. Can u image what would have happen if Republicans would have tried to say or do some of the things that Democrats have done to pres Trump u be in jail they be knocking At our doors ! People get out an vote we can’t let them have their way all Dems want is to control the people they get rich off of us an China Vote Trump he doing a great job because he cares! Pray for him God has this !

  9. So – what are any of you going to do about the demoloons, lying tactics is just their modus operandi. Power grab is their dream.
    Thru their lies they attempt to put fear into the minds of the Public – so scared people are easier to herd.
    Civil unrest in America? There is some hope and change for you to think about.

    • We will not fall for demorats mind games nor lies nor what they are…they lost their integrity and are TRASH and full of hate because they think they are above the law! BUT THEY WILL FALL PRETTY QUICK NOW‼️🇺🇸

  10. The current Demo-Socialist Leftist Party shall forever be known as the “Brown Party” for the indelible stain it has left on our Nation!

  11. Democrap Party = Hate, intimidation,
    corruption, control and power.
    This is all you need to know.
    God bless our president!
    Trump 2020 yea

  12. God bless USA and our unstoppable President please give him health and strength to fight the Socialists. And yes we contribute with what ever we can for Conservative ads. Thanks

  13. You can fool some of the people some of the time … can fool some of the people all of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. The clock is ticking in the lies generated by the Democrats and the media. Each and every day we are finding out more and more how deceitful the media and the Democrats are. People are beginning to realize they have been fooled.

  14. Based on the evidence, Mark Levin is absolutely right in his condemnation of Pelosi. She certainly is not a true defender of America and the Constitution. A true leader would have been at the forefront in the battle against the Chinese coronavirus. Instead Pelosi went into hiding. George Washington certainly did not spend the American Revolution hiding at Mount Vernon. He was at the battlefront. Pelosi went AWOL was MIA during the battle.

  15. If it comes down to it over 50 years ago when we the people finally got fed up with a dysfunctional congress they marched up on the hill and fired every one of them , they work for us , we don’t surrender into them


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