Thursday, July 2, 2020

Lindsey Graham Begins Changing Tune on Trump

Senator Lindsey Graham’s once effusive praise for President Donald Trump tapered off following the president’s decision to withdraw U.S. forces from northeastern Syria.

Now, the South Carolina Republican is going so far as to leave the proverbial door open on the subject of impeachment should new evidence arise.

Based on everything he’s seen so far, Graham does not believe Trump’s phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky constitutes sufficient grounds for impeachment.

But he doesn’t appear happy with the commander-in-chief.

Per Mediaite:

In a conversation with Axios on HBO Sunday, Graham wouldn’t rule out the possibility of impeachment — should new evidence emerge in the Ukraine matter.

“Show me something that is a crime,” Graham said. “If you could show me that, you know, Trump actually was engaging in a quid pro quo outside the phone call, that would be very disturbing.”



Afterward, Graham expressed a level of fatigue with the president previously unseen in public.

The senator went on to take a couple of other shots at Trump, calling Trump’s appeal to China to investigate Joe Biden “stupid.”

“I’ve [gotten] to know him, and I find him to be a handful, I find him to be an equal opportunity abuser of people,” Graham added, before calling Trump, “very charming and … very gracious.”

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  1. I am beginning to see two faced Graham at work. Talking about work I hear him say what he is going to do and then never does it My feeling about him He should replaced with a real
    Republican that says what he/she is going to do and he/she does it November is coming up mr Graham and I will vote you out when I vote Who else is with me

  2. Am deeply disappointed in Lindsey Graham. Though he was a person of quality that I personally could follow and trust. What is truth anymore….she is a stranger to a lot of people today.

  3. Graham don’t you even think about coming against our President. He has gone through hell for 3 years. Shut your mouth and get behind him and work with him. He is the best Predident we have ever had. Your not doing what you said you would do. So why are you running our President down. I don’t like this at all. STOP NOW

  4. I’m on the fence with Lindsey Graham. He has shown such strength at times, but other times not. I too want ACTION not just words. All day long I receive emails asking for money to support Congress, the Senate and Trump. I fully support Trump and we clearly need the Republicans to take the House back. We also need to keep the Senate, but they dilly-dally and show no backbone. We need some new Conservative blood now and those who back Trump 100%!!! No more wavering!!! We understand Trump, so should the Senate and Military. Stop throwing Trump under the bus! We finally have a True Leader FOR America.

  5. I totally agree, We finally have someone who is NOT a Politician, can’t be bought( pay to play) & truthfully is FOR WE THE PEOPLE, and Loves America!! We need some new Republicans that are True, ethical,credible people not those who want to be part of Washington’s click & afraid to STAND with a Our President to stop this Socialist Commie Regime!! And the lefties call our President a Dictator??? Has anyone noticed every accusation that spews out of their evil mouths is something they’ve already done or it’s on their agenda?? Time after almost 4 years of this tax payers nonsense to take the House back, McCarthy as Speaker & get rid of Romney and the other back stabbing rhinos so
    Our President can do his Job!! We’ve had enough of the lefties Circus, dramas, fit pitching, scheming evil crap!! Time to clean House & Senate!! Trump, Pence 2020 Save America

  6. Remember this is an election year for many in political office. Vote those RINO’S out along with the demoncraps and don’t forget WHO was Graham’s best buddy!!!


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