Friday, August 7, 2020

Liberal Learns Brutal Lesson About Protesting Trump on Highway

Note to self: don’t protest on an eight-lane freeway.

A college student criticizing the president’s policies found that out the hard way (figuratively and literally).

Fortunately, she survived being hit by a car.

Unfortunately, for her, a judge has thrown out her lawsuit against the driver. (Breitbart)

Breitbart News reported in January 2018 that a U.C. San Diego student had sued a driver after she was hit during an anti-Trump protest that took place on a busy roadway. The protest, which took place shortly after Donald Trump was announced as the winner of the presidential election, involved an attempt to shut down traffic on the nearby I-5 freeway. Mariana Flores, then a sophomore, was struck and injured by a vehicle.

“As an emergency vehicle was attempting to shut down Interstate-5 by driving in an “S” formation across the southbound lanes, the driver hit Flores, crushing her pelvis, fracturing her leg, and causing other serious injuries,” the UCSD student newspaper report read at the time.

Flores’ attorney, Jerold Sullivan told The College Fix for a report this week that the judge’s decision to throw out the case is a “tragedy.” More significantly, he announced that the case will not be refiled with the court.

“The person that ran her over did not have insurance and is judgment-proof with no assets. Ms. Flores is left with no recourse for catastrophic physical injuries and a lifetime of medical expenses,” Sullivan explained.

In September 2017, police arrested 31 Harvard professors for blocking traffic. Despite putting themselves in grave danger, none were run over.

AAN Staff
AAN Staff
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