Sunday, March 29, 2020

Feminists Livid Over Muslim Dating Site

Feminists are flipping out over a new dating site for Muslim polygamists., founded by British entrepreneur Azad Chaiwala, is geared towards Muslim men looking to start a polygamous marriage.

“In polygamy, a man openly marries more than one woman, he has an honorable relationship with both woman as his wives, not side-chicks, one night flings or mistresses,” Chaiwala said, on his website. “He provides for and maintains both families; he is not let off his responsibility in case he did not want it or is not kept away from it by family visitation laws etc. He shares his love, time and resources equally with his wives and subsequent families.”

Polygamy is rare in the Muslim world, but it’s allowed under Islamic law and still widespread among fundamentalist sects. However, it is illegal in the United States, United Kingdom, and most western nations.

Surprisingly, the backlash against among feminists was quick and harsh. Until now, liberals have given Islamic extremists a free pass, not being able separate their impulse always to defend the minority, even when they are oppressive.

“The popularity of this site worries me deeply,” said Jess Phillips, a British Member of Parliament and member of the liberal Labour Party. “This site should be outlawed for U.K. use and follow the law in the U.K., which does not allow this…Women are not a commodity; they are not domestic slaves. People cannot be collected like ornaments.”

Mariam Khan, a councilor in Birmingham, expressed a similar sentiment: “It is the women who suffer,” she said. already has more than 35,000 members.


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