Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Is Joe Biden Finished?

The release of the unredacted summary of President Trump’s phone call with Ukraine’s president intensified Democrats’ calls for impeachment, by they may have also fatally wounded Joe Biden’s political aspirations (RELATED: Biden Campaign Confronts Serious Family Allegations).

While Trump’s shifting political predicament is undeniable, new allegations of nepotism and corruption swirl around Biden.

USA TODAY’s Aamer Madhani has more:

But even as Democrats express outrage over Trump’s apparent desire for Ukraine officials to dig up dirt on Biden, the impeachment inquiry has created a complicated dynamic for the former vice president and top 2020 presidential contender, political analysts, voters and Democratic strategists say.

The scandal has also put the spotlight on Biden’s son Hunter Biden’s past work for a Ukraine energy company and given Trump the opportunity to raise doubts about Biden with voters, analysts say.

“There is a real concern for Biden that many people aren’t going to take the time to sort out the issues and make a decision about what’s right and wrong,” says Karen Kedrowski, a political scientist at Iowa State University. “Instead, it’s really going to contribute to this general idea Trump’s wants to push that there is something smarmy about Biden. It’s exactly what Trump did to Hillary Clinton.”

The situation also comes amidst the release of a pair of polls — a national survey and one in the first-in-the-nation caucus state of Iowa — in recent days that show Biden in a dead heat with Sen. Elizabeth Warren in the battle for the Democratic nomination. While the nomination race is tightening, multiple polls have shown Biden leading Trump by a wider margin in a head-to-head race than any other Democratic candidate.

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AAN Staff
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