Monday, August 3, 2020

ICE Arrests Suspected War Criminals

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U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) apprehended 39 people suspected of committing war crimes abroad in a nationwide operation called “No Safe Haven V.”

The campaign lasted from August 27 through the 29; however, a press release disclosing its success was made public only today.

The Daily Caller’s Jason Hopkins has more:

“ICE will not allow war criminals and human rights abusers to use the U.S. as a safe haven,” acting ICE Director Matthew Albence said in a statement. “We will never stop looking for them and we will never cease seeking justice for the victims of their crimes.”

Among those arrested in No Safe Haven V were: 14 aliens from Central America involved in human rights abuses against civilians, including the arrest or transport of people who were beaten, electrocuted and killed; four “known or suspected” human rights abusers involved in forced abortions and sterilization in China; four aliens from West Africa connected to “civilian massacres, mutilations” and extrajudicial killings; and one European wanted for human rights abuses against political adversaries.

The agency made clear the arrests showcase to human rights abusers that they cannot escape their crimes by seeking refuge in the U.S.

Crimes these aliens allegedly committed did not stop once they entered U.S. territory. Of the 39 who authorities arrested during No Save Haven, 16 were convicted of crimes within the county, including robbery, theft, domestic violence, fraud, reckless endangerment, drug distribution and other crimes. The foreign nationals who authorities apprehended come from a range of countries, including Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Colombia, Nicaragua, Chile, Haiti, Jamaica, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Liberia, Chad, the Ivory Coast, China and Cambodia.

Save America From AOC
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