Sunday, May 31, 2020

Fox News Star, CNN Flunky Trade Jabs in Fiery Back-and-Forth

CNN’s senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta couldn’t bite his tongue after Fox News host Laura Ingraham criticized him during an appearance at the Conservative Political Action Conference. (The Daily Caller)

Ingraham reportedly said on Thursday, “Jim Acosta of CNN: he’s a nice person. He was complaining this morning on television — I know that’s not news — he was complaining that President Trump didn’t call on U.S. media at the summit presser and that he only called on the Russian and the Chinese journalists. Well, it turns out, a producer just told me he called on ABC, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Bloomberg, and NPR. But he just didn’t call on Jim Acosta. The land of narcissism knows no bounds.”

The Fox News host added that Acosta would “probably get a better shake from the Chinese and Russian journalists,” a reference Acosta latched onto when formulating his Twitter response.

“Of course Laura Ingraham sides with the folks at Russian and Chinese State media. Those are her kind of people,” Acosta tweeted, along with the hashtag #PropagandistsUnited.


Acosta complained Wednesday on air that President Donald Trump called on Fox News host Sean Hannity and even foreign journalists instead of him.



Ingraham responded to Acosta shortly afterward.

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