Saturday, July 4, 2020

Foreign Protesters Attack Trump Supporter in London


Anti-Trump protesters in London attacked a Trump supporter with a milkshake during a protest while Trump visited the U.K. on an official state visit.

According to The Daily Mail:

Anti-Trump protesters viciously attacked a fan of the President with a milkshake in London today moments after Jeremy Corbyn’s firebrand speech – and as organisers admitted the turnout fell well short of their hopes. 

In ugly scenes at Parliament Square, anti-Trump demonstrators chanted ‘Nazi scum’ at the man who insisted ‘I’m here to stay’ – before he was covered in a milkshake while a sole police officer tried to stop a brawl breaking out.

Today’s shocking attack happened after Mr Corbyn delivered a firebrand speech to anti-Trump protesters in the capital this afternoon – obliquely accusing the President of ‘creating a sense of hate’ and fostering racism. 

Mr Corbyn had just finished lecturing his supporters about ‘peace and justice’ and creating a ‘better world’ – but his fanatical followers seemed not to get the message. 

President Trump slammed the Labour leader calling him a negative force and revealing that he declined a request from Corbyn to meet with him.

AAN Staff
AAN Staff
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