Monday, March 30, 2020

FLASHBACK: Biden’s Unsatisfactory Answer to Question About His Son

Hunter Biden received an undisclosed amount of money working as a consultant for credit card giant MBNA while his father actively supported controversial legislation promoted by the credit card industry.

Today’s unearthed bombshell comes from the 2008 Democratic presidential primary. 

Per an August 25, 2008, CBS News report:

Barack Obama’s presidential campaign said Biden helped forge a bipartisan compromise on the measure, which is now law and makes it harder for consumers to obtain bankruptcy protection in the courts.

MBNA’s consulting payments to Hunter Biden, first reported by The New York Times, followed his departure in 2001 from the company, where he had been an executive.



Obama opposed the bankruptcy law, enacted in 2005, while Biden supported it.

David Wade, a spokesman for the Obama campaign, said that “after working in the Clinton administration in the Department of Commerce on Internet privacy and online commerce issues, Hunter consulted for five years as an expert on these very same issues at a time of enormous expansion in online banking.”


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