Thursday, June 4, 2020

Father of the Root of the Milwaukee Riots Begs for Money Online

Following the death of Patrick “Bobby” Smith’s son, Sylville Smith, protestors and looters took the the streets of Milwaukee to riot and now Patrick  has taken to the internet to beg for money.

The only problem is he’s not being honest about the cause of his death.

Screenshot of fundraiser:

In his fundraiser description, Smith falsely (and incoherently) claims:

“My son was killed by a Milwaukee Police he was African American male that killed my son, they knew eachother(sic) from high school. This police officer knew my son and knew he wasn’t a threat and opened fired on my son with his back turned because my son was running and he was not armed at the time of this situation. This police officer shot my son in the back 3 times and my son died on the scene. He leaves behind a son name Sylville Jr.”

The problem is Smith’s son ran from police, faced the officers and raised a stolen gun in his hand, and was shot in the chest and arm by officers — not the back.

Smith’s campaign so far has netted him $65 dollars and a lot of criticism.

One user, named Tim made mention of the disasterous riots that followed his son’s death:

“How about starting a GOFUNDME page for the businesses, cars, street lights, bus shelters, squad cars, homes, and lives destroyed due too this.”

Another user, Nici piled on:

“This is such a joke!!! He’s the whole reason Milwaukee is in ruins right now. He’s the reason a lot of us don’t feel safe in our own homes!”

A truth teller named Shane took a moment to set the record straight:

“Shot in the back 3 times? It was once in the chest and once in the arm. Condolences to your family, but cmon man.”

A user named xxxx offered a friendly reminder about the tax implications of raising money online:

“You do realize that any money collected is considered income & will need to be reported in the event you are on public aid or you will be reported for public assistance fraud?”

Lastly, one GoFundMe visitor took a moment to get a tad bit political:

“Wow, lies, lies and lies. Must be a Hilary supporter”

What do you think? What would you tell Sylville’s father? Take a moment to visit to our Facebook page to give us your thoughts!

AAN Staff
AAN Staff
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