Friday, July 10, 2020

Democrat Presidential Debate Loser Blames Failure on Having to Work

Montana Governor and Democratic presidential candidate Steve Bullock is throwing a tantrum over the fact he was not invited to the June 26-27 presidential debates.

Polling at 0% and attracting no support from his own party after a two-year, multi-million dollar effort, Bullock is blaming his dead-in-the-water campaign on the fact he has to actually do the job he already campaigned for.

“I chose to enter the Democratic primary later than most. Sure, had I jumped into the race earlier, I may have been able to raise my profile. But I had a job to do,” Bullock writes in a statement whining about his failure to qualify.

“My legislature meets only once every two years, and I was working to get important legislation passed until mid-May…including extending our expansion of Medicaid to nearly 100,000 people and freezing college tuition—all with a nearly 60% Republican legislature,” wailed Bullock.

But Bullock isn’t being entirely truthful.

For one, his support wasn’t necessary to pass Medicaid expansion or freeze tuition. The Republicans who joined with Democrats to pass it were largely liberals and not swayed by Bullock, who was only narrowly elected in both his races. His approval rating hovers around the mid-50 percents, about average for a Montana statewide official.

Also, despite his claim he got a late start, Bullock has been running a nationwide presidential campaign for two years now.

His “Big Sky Values” PAC, created in 2017, spent over $1.1 million promoting Bullock to Democrat voters in 2018. Bullock has been campaigning in early primary states for over a year now.

He also hired Iowa campaign staff at the start of February, three-and-half months before his formal announcement and right in the middle of when he claimed he was entirely focused on his job as Governor and couldn’t put together a campaign.

While Bullock blames his job as Governor his polling at 0% after a two-year, $1.1 million head start, of the 20 candidates who qualified 13 are currently serving as elected officials and many did not have a PAC already campaigning for them.

Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet managed to qualify for the debate despite formally announcing only days before Bullock and having a busier schedule.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, who announced after Bullock, also managed to qualify.

If Steve Bullock is still polling at 0% after two years and over a million dollars, maybe he should focus on his day job instead of crying about it.

AAN Staff
AAN Staff
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