Monday, August 3, 2020

Cop Says Anti-Trump Dems Are SABOTAGING Hurricane Relief Effort

A cop in Puerto Rico made the bombshell claim that the island’s government leaders are intentionally sabotaging the recovery from Hurricane Maria—to make President Trump look bad.

A woman who did not give her name claimed to be a Puerto Rican police officer, calling into New York radio station Mega 97.9 on Thursday. She accused Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rossello and San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz of holding back supplies to the people of the island, to make for better photo opportunities.

“The mayor, Carmen Yulin, is not allowing anyone to distribute,” she said, referring to the federal aid supplies that are still sitting in containers in San Juan’s port. “What us Puerto Ricans need is that the US armed forces come in and distribute the aid.”

She also claimed that Yulin’s oft-repeated claims—that a lack of truck drivers was to blame for not getting supplies to Puerto Ricans—was a lie.

“There are thousands and thousands of items of food, and when people ask we cannot give anything away because Carmen Yulin says that we cannot take anything out,” she said.

The unnamed cop was also quick to blame Governor Rossello—saying that the federal government needed to come in and “stop Governor Rossello.”

“It’s abuse,” she said. “It looks like communism, on our own island.” She then broke into tears.

“Everything is a soap opera; everything is a show, there have to be cameras here and there because, you know, they are just looking for votes in the coming years,” she said. “And the governor won’t move unless there is a camera behind him, Carmen Yulin won’t move unless there is a camera behind her.”

While the police officer’s identity is not known—and, thus, her story cannot be verified—the facts on the ground seem to support her claims. There have been reports from multiple news outlets that at least 10,000 shipping containers, filled with food, water, medicine, and other much-needed supplies, have been sitting on the docks for days—without being distributed, while the nation plunges into chaos.

President Trump himself also criticized Yulin—calling her actions “politically motivated,” and claiming that federal workers on the island were doing a “fantastic job.”

AAN Staff
AAN Staff
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