Saturday, August 8, 2020

Climate Teen Scolds Trump, But She Has Her Own History of Denial

Teen “climate change activist” Greta Thurnberg’s much-ballyhooed arrival in New York City for a United Nations conference was capped off with her plea for President Donald Trump to “listen to science.”

But her own history shows she’s the one in need of a tutorial.

Thunberg arrived in New York by way of a $4 million wind-powered yacht, which she claims resulted in no carbon dioxide being emitted for her travel.

There is no scientific proof carbon dioxide from humans is making the planet heat up.

The trip took 14 days, compared to only eight hours when done by airplane. Her publicity team had to book airline tickets anyway to fly staffers to New York to return her boat, resulting in even more carbon dioxide than if she had simply flown

But that’s not the only science-denying claim from Thunberg, who says she can literally see carbon dioxide.

“She can see carbon dioxide with the naked eye,” says her mother Malena in a book she wrote about the family. “She sees how it flows out of chimneys and turns the atmosphere into a rubbish tip.”

That is scientifically ludicrous.

While Thunberg can supposedly see carbon dioxide from things environmentalists hate, like chimneys, she can’t seem to be able to see it when it is exhaled by humans or animals.

Also, carbon dioxide makes up only 0.04% of the atmosphere. If it were visible, you would need a microscope to see it.

Most importantly, no one can see carbon dioxide. It is colorless and does not reflect or absorb light. It is completely invisible.

Despite claiming she needed to take a boat to arrive at her press conference because an air flight would destroy the Earth, now that the U.N. conference is over and the cameras left, Thunberg will be taking a plane back to Sweden.

AAN Staff
AAN Staff
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