Sunday, March 29, 2020

Climate Activists Caught Faking List of 11,000 Scientists ‘Declaring Climate Emergency’

A pair of “climate researchers” made worldwide headlines when they released a report declaring a “climate emergency” signed by 11,258 people from 153 nations they claimed were “climate scientists.”

“More than 11,000 scientists from around the world declare a climate emergency,” The Washington Post announced.

“11,258 scientists from around the world declare a climate emergency,” reported The Week.

Japanese blogger and “global warming” skeptic Kirye downloaded the list of signatories and took the time to research all 11,258 signers

His investigation revealed only 5 of the 11,258 were actually degreed, accredited climate scientists.


The remaining 11,253 names were either random members of the public, people in scientific fields other than climate, or joke names added by pranksters.

Rather than reach out to scientists, the pair simply posted their report on the Internet and added a form where anyone could sign on to it, then represented the names as coming from “climate scientists.”

His investigation revealed there were more joke names, like “Mickey Mouse,” than climate scientists.

The scam is much like the one run by climate activists when they created the “97 percent of scientists agree the planet is warming.”

That claim began in 2013 when climate activist John Cook compiled a sample of scientific reports on the subject of “man-made global warming,” convinced it would prove all scientists agreed with him.

But only 1.6% of the reports endorsed his view the planet was warming and human activity was causing it. The remaining 98.4% concluded either the planet was not warming, or that it was warming but human activity was not a primary cause.

Undeterred, Cook cooked the books.  In addition to the 1.6% of papers that endorsed his view he invented the new category, “implied endorsement.”

This new category included any paper that said the planet might be warming, even though most of them if it were warming humans were not a primary cause.

Under Cook’s new definition, this outright rejection of man-made global warming was considered “proof” of man-made global warming and a “scientific consensus” it was real.

But this new “11,258 scientists” scam is an even bolder hoax.


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