Saturday, July 11, 2020

Chinese Students Go Full Communist on U.S. Soil

As armed Communist Chinese forces attempt to crush democracy protesters in Hong Kong, Chinese students in the U.S. are joining the fight to defend the brutal dictatorship.

Rutgers University’s The Daily Targum reports the Institute for Research on Women’s panel discussion on the Hong Kong protests, featuring testimony from democracy activists calling in from the protests, was quickly targeted with vandalism, violence, threats and intimidation tactics from campus leftists.

A Reddit forum and others identified the attacks as “mainland China students.” The Daily Targum did not identify the protesters or report any information on the fact they were Chinese.

Chinese students in the U.S. are often pressured and even threatened into promoting the official viewpoints of the Beijing dictatorship.

IRW organizers requested police protection after flyers promoting the event were vandalized and destroyed, and a video of a flyer being destroyed was promoted and circulated.

Once the event began, leftists attempted to silence the women who organized it.

“We noticed a large, predominantly male, crowd encircling a woman sitting on the other side of the room, in a way I perceived as intimidating,” IRW associate director Sarah Tobias tells The Daily Targum.

Witnesses back up the claim. “During the intermission, the mainland students encircled an older woman in the audience who was defending Hong Kong,” an anonymous Reddit user notes. “She was visibly upset as they were yelling at her and trying to intimidate her. They did this to other audience members as well.”

A mob assembled for the event “repeatedly interrupted the speakers” as they tried to explain Hong Kong’s democracy movement, and the violent crackdown executed by Communist Chinese forces.

They also demanded they be allowed to record the event. Recordings were banned to protect the speakers from being identified by Communist Chinese forces.

The Daily Targum reports pro-Communist China protesters even handed out flyers that “accused Hong Kong protesters of terrorist attacks.”

Organizers had to be escorted to safety by police and face death threats.

“After the event, RUPD told us to exit through an alternative route, because a gang of mainland students were harassing people at the front of the student center,” the Reddit user reports.

“The students who lead the panel are receiving death threats,” the user added.

A story reporting on the violent reaction appeared in the print edition of the Targum but appears not to have been published online.

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