Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Central Figure in Mueller Report Linked to Clintons, Mafia

Robert Mueller has some explaining to do.

A central figure in his 2016 election interference investigation is a bar-fighting brawler with criminal ties to the Russian mafia. 

The special counsel inexplicably failed to mention this.

The Intercept reports:

THE REDACTED VERSION of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report contained quite a bit of information about the perfidy of the Trump White House, the lack of evidence on collusion, and the limits of testimony to support a criminal charge of obstruction. But what’s most interesting is what the report did not say.

The most glaring omission concerns Felix Sater. The report describes Sater as a “New York-based real estate advisor,” which is technically accurate — but a bit like calling O.J. Simpson a “California-based football player.”

The report fails to mention a few things that would appear to be relevant information to Justice Department officials. For one, Sater was a criminal cooperator, confidential source, and intelligence asset working for a variety of federal agencies over two decades — leaving aside his felony convictions for assault and racketeering. The silence on these facts is colored by the peculiar, decadeslong relationship between Sater and members of Mueller’s staff. Sater’s 1998 criminal cooperation agreement was signed by a senior member of Mueller’s team, Andrew Weissman, then a prosecutor in Brooklyn’s U.S. Attorney’s Office. The apparent remarkable coincidence that a central figure within this report would have a substantive history with some of its investigators and authors goes unremarked on. A footnote indicates that Sater spoke under a proffer in a redacted grand jury matter.

In a previous interview with The Intercept, Sater said that he never mixed his roles as a government asset and a real estate executive working with Trump.

Since working for Trump, Sater has been photographed with former president Bill Clinton and far-left reporters like MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow.

The “businessman’s” connections to the Clintons stretch back 20 years!

After pleading guilty to racketeering in a scheme with the notorious Russian mafia Sater agreed to become an informant for the U.S. government, sealing his case file.

The man who signed Sater’s cooperation agreement was none other than Andrew Weissmann, who later joined the special counsel’s team.

The U.S. attorney overseeing the entire case was Loretta Lynch – who most recently served as Barack Obama’s attorney general.

The Mueller report disclosed none of those details.

AAN Staff
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