Thursday, July 2, 2020

Bannon Returns From Exile to Fight for Trump

Despite his banishment from Trump’s inner circle, former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon is back to fight for his old boss. 

He has become convinced impeachment poses an existential threat to Trump’s presidency and that the White House needs aggressive defenders.

Bannon’s return to Washington comes two years after his dismissal for publicly criticizing members of the President’s family and a globe-trotting odyssey igniting populist moments worldwide.

The Hill’s Jonathan Easley has more:

Bannon is underwriting a new media venture from the basement of his Capitol Hill home, known affectionately among allies as “the Breitbart Embassy,” where he’ll broadcast live, seven days a week, from now until the Senate votes on impeachment.

Bannon, draped in his trademark green military coat, spoke to The Hill after recording the fourth episode of his “War Room: Impeachment” podcast at a dining table covered in a tangle of wires, microphones, computers and headphones.




Scrawling thoughts in a small, black leather notebook, with a Red Bull and Thursday’s Washington Post in front of him, Bannon said he’s not trying to get back into the administration — he says he’s just a Trump fan who recognizes the historic nature of the impeachment proceedings and believes the White House does not have an adequate defense strategy.

The Democrats, Bannon said, are routing Republicans with their top-shelf impeachment messaging operation as they investigate Trump’s interactions with Ukraine.

You can listen to Bannon’s podcast here.

AAN Staff
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