Monday, August 3, 2020

Andrew Yang Confirms the Left’s Endgame on Climate Change

According to White House hopeful Andrew Yang, one of the long-term goals of climate change legislation is to wean the American public off of fossil fuels.

The Democratic entrepreneur (somehow, that’s not an oxymoron yet) envisions a world where Americans don’t own cars. Yang didn’t explain how Democrats would convince the electorate, although it seems likely such a process would be incremental, to be as palatable – and insidious – as possible.

Since the first Model T left the factory, the masses have viewed the automobile as a symbol of American freedom. However, Yang claims that young people don’t necessarily agree with that long-held notion.

Yang then confirmed that Democrats have the United States’ 95 million cattle in their crosshairs. 

He argued that the chronic flatulence of bovines is a major contributing factor to global greenhouse gas emissions.

Are you even surprised that Democrats want to regulate our most intimate life choices? Let us know what you think!

AAN Staff
AAN Staff
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