Friday, May 29, 2020

All Elections Matter: Swing State Socialist Prevails

One of America’s largest cities has elected a candidate to represent its most exclusive neighborhoods.

That candidate, Candi CdeBaca, is an unabashed leftist in the mold of prominent Democratic Socialists who’ve recently won election.

According to ABC 7:

“It’s historic,” said Carlos Valverde, the state director for Colorado working families. “It is in the vein of [New York Democratic Congresswoman] Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. … A victory that really demonstrates people power over money power.”

Valverde said the race was a fight for the soul of Denver, which many in District 9 see as growing to quickly and pushing out the historic voices and neighborhoods of the city.

He said Wednesday that CdeBaca “began a movement” with her race and that he believes she will follow through with her campaign goals once she is sworn in on July 15, along with the other new and re-elected members. Aside from growth and homelessness, some of the other progressive candidates called for increasing the minimum wage and implementing a collective bargaining agreement for city employees.

“The big one is we can finally address in a real and substantive way homelessness and affordability in our city,” Valverde said. “Voters aid without hesitation that we want a city that represents all of us.”

AAN Staff
AAN Staff
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