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Keep your family safe by avoiding the five foods that pose the greatest risk of spreading the novel coronavirus COVID-19 infection!

We have reviewed the epidemiological information made available by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization, national governments, and research institutions to identify the 5 foods that pose the greatest danger of spreading COVID-19.

The results surprised us!

COVID-19 virus is similar to the common cold and other viruses.  Any food eaten raw, not treated with heat or steam carries particularly high rates of passing infection.

1.) Sushi

Sushi was seen as the most dangerous as it is eaten raw, the fish is kept several days and it is frequently handled by multiple restaurant workers before being served and consumed.

2.) Salads

Salads pose a particular risk of infection as they are often cut many hours in advance of being served.  They never heat or steam treated and are handled by multiple employees.

Frequently the same glove or utensil is used to reach into multiple containers over and over, risking cross-contamination between containers as well as from employees’ hands.

3.) Food Trucks and Hot Dog Stands.

Ever ask yourself where does the (usually) guy inside a food truck or at a hot dog stand to wash his hands or goes to the bathroom.  How often?  There is a very high risk of infection from continuously handling coins and currency from multiple customers without ever changing gloves.

4.) Supermarket Deli Departments

One of the highest risks of infection is from buying sliced deli meats.  Every individual slice is handled by the store worker, who goes from customer to customer, frequently without ever changing ripped and frayed gloves.  Far safer to buy the piece and do the slicing at home!

5.) Regional cuisine from infected regions.

The unfortunate truth is that many small, regional restaurants rely on undocumented workers who are not paid a legal wage.  Many kitchen employees live in epidemiologically dangerous conditions of severe overcrowding and lack of access to sanitary and health facilities.  They work even when experiencing symptoms of a viral illness.

6.) Risk of delivery.

The single best way to reduce exposure to infection through food is to clean, cut, portion and cook it yourself.  A surprising source of infection risk mentioned by experts was food delivery.

Food delivery heavily relies on undocumented workers who lack access to sanitary facilities, do not receive a legal wage and are wholly reliant on tips.  They often cannot afford front line medical care or to take time off from work if ill.  A single ill delivery worker has physical contact with many dozens of customer families and their food in one day.

Fight Back Against President Obama [ACT NOW]

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1 year ago

Duh! Cheap labor helps only illegal aliens and the traitors who pay them. Americans been paying billions for these people to infect us. They have changed everything to make our country look like third world that they love. Obama is an illegal who help them crap on us and they still keep pushing for it.

I live in Santa Clarita, Ca 14yrs ago it was clean i felt safe now. Not anymore we got illegal aliens every where, dirty water running down our drive way daily the city made it like this and a guy with a cart selling corn on a stick infecting and destroying our city. Yet no one cares to do anything police tells me not to get political or that i am racist like i am the idiot. Identity politics while they charge us outrages rents. It is hell! Not right. It is a shame all people who have died for our country sad to think they died in vain. Illegal aliens are not here to help anyone of us they are here to help take over our country hello! Trump 2020

Ronald Rowland
Ronald Rowland
6 months ago
Reply to  Rhina

You can expect more people from Mexico when/if Biden wins! Please pray that Trump wins, it is our only hope. Thanks, Ron Rowland