Saturday, July 11, 2020

New Jersey Democrats Charged With Widespread Mail-In Voter Fraud

New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal (D) has charged the Paterson, New Jersey City Council vice president, a candidate for that body, and two members of their campaigns, with a litany of election law violations.

Paterson City Councilman Michael Jackson (D), Councilman-elect Alex Mendez (D), Shelim Khalique, and Abu Razyen stand accused of election fraud, mail-in voting fraud, and illegal possession of mail-in ballots. The four men face up to more than 15 years in prison and over $250,000 in fines. Meanwhile, New Jersey’s third-largest city lies in a state of electoral disarray.

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With 19% percent of total ballots cast disqualified by the board of elections, who controls the city council remains unclear.

The local NAACP chapter is calling for the election — done entirely through vote-by-mail — to be invalidated.

RealClearPolitics’ Mark Hemingway further reports:

Mail-in ballots have long been acknowledged by voting experts to be more susceptible to fraud and irregularities than in-person voting. This has raised concerns from President Trump and other Republicans about the integrity of national elections in November, which are expected to include a dramatic increase in mail-in ballots. If Paterson is any guide, it ought to concern Democrats as well.

Over 800 ballots in Paterson were invalidated for appearing in mailboxes improperly bundled together – including a one mailbox where hundreds of ballots were in a single packet. The bundles were turned over to law enforcement to investigate potential criminal activity related to the collection of the ballots.

The board of elections disqualified another 2,300 ballots after concluding that the signatures on them did not match the signatures on voter records.

Reporting by NBC further uncovered citizens of Paterson who are listed as having voted, but who told the news outlet they never received a ballot and did not vote. One woman, Ramona Javier, after being shown the list of people on her block who allegedly voted, told the outlet she knew of eight family members and neighbors who were wrongly listed. “We did not receive vote-by-mail ballots and thus we did not vote,” she said. “This is corruption. This is fraud.”

How concerned are you about the integrity of the 2020 elections? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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  2. Is the state of disarray anywhere near the state of despair?
    Are these 2 more states run by dumbocraps?
    Is any of this legal?

  3. This whole thing has to stop!!!! These demoncrats will do anything to win…by cheating, lying and stealing. SOROS is a ring-leader and I cannot understand with his reputation going back for years that he is not put in prison…he is satan-driven!!!!! The mail-in voting should be illegal because of the potential of cheating! President Trump does not deserve this and we need to support him in any way we can. Because we know that God is in control and put President Trump in place. DON’T FORGET TO VOTE!!!!!

    • You don’t deserve it either! Soros made electronic voting machines, vote for anyone, it records all “Democrats”! We had people up to age 119 vote in the “Black Belt”. Nobody in the world over age 114! In the last 2 hours, from 10 until midnight, four times the ballots turned in for Dems than had ever been turned in before in that time. “Nothing to see here” they said. When there are no Republicans or whites at the polling station, and they say that? RIGHT!

  4. Ok, so multiply that # by all the cities in each state and the corruption would be widespread enough to overturn an election. That is exactly why you should vote in person, with an ID. I’ve done it like that for the last 50 years, including just last week. Every poll worker had on masks and gloves and there were multiple people there to answer questions and sign in voters. So, literally, you had the person you license or voter ID and then she/he checks its veracity on computer. I was then given a card to slide into the voting machine. Once inserted, my name appeared and I cast my vote. Took all of 5 minutes. If you are sickly or old or going to be out of town and can’t get to the polls get an absentee ballot from the registrar and mail in your vote. That’s the only way you vote by mail.

  5. Typical evil and wicked corrupt democrats! I bet they are either blm, black panthers, naacp or DNC members or perhaps all!

  6. You know it’s a bad thing when the NAACP agrees with conservatives. Who knew? EVERYONE! Including all the career politians.

    • Sorry, but I have to agree. I’ve never seen an honest one yet. I remember Mayor Young of Detroit saying on television, ‘There’s nothing wrong with breaking the law!, EXCEPT being stupid enough to get caught!”. That was before Detroit went bankrupt. I lived there when population was 1.8 million, down to 667,200. Almost every company that we worked at as consultants is no longer in business in Detroit. The renaissance center in Detroit was owned by Ford when it opened. I worked there while on a contract with Ford. Now it belongs to GM.

  7. I don’t believe in mail in voting there are some exceptions. I believe if you really care about your country and want a legitimate vote you would take the time to go and vote in person. This is a very important. We don’t want corruption to ruin America and no one can’t say that voting by mail reaps of corruption.

  8. If mail-in packets are going to be sent out randomly..Americans can kiss their voting rights goodbye. It’s the insane idea of those candidates and activists who know full well they can’t win an honest election. DON’T ALLOW IT!!!

  9. When mail ballots are printed individually and controlled by serial number. When mail ballots are not sent out and returned by U.S. Mail only. When mail ballot requests are signed by the voter and returned by U.S. mail only. When then voter must sign the envelope returning the voted ballot returned by U.S. mail only will voter fraud be reduced. Someone can always tell or bribe the voter to vote their way either in person or by mail or by PC.

  10. The cheaters are just practicing for the November election. We knew it would be bad, but this is awful. I plan on putting on my mask, standing in line and making sure my vote is entered correctly. I resent the hell out of the fact that Democrats think they can make my vote irrelavant.

  11. Voting by mail should be forbidden except for voting by absentee ballot and then only for legitimate reasons. The liberals can wail, weep, and gnash their teeth about suppressing the vote, but people can get to the polls if they want. The liberal politicians realize their chances of beating President Trump with “No Show Joe” are practically nonexistent unless they can stuff the ballot boxes with mail-in ballots.

  12. I agree. The Dems will cheat any way they possibly can like the last election. Clinton did not win popular vote as she thinks. It was corrupted to make her win and our Lord stepped in and helped the Conservatives! We all need to be praying to Him and we know Satan is the Liberals god. Wake up America. Socialism is real and a tool of Satan’s. If it ever happens you will see his tricks!!!!

  13. Anyone with a brain that works properly, would NEVER approve of “mail in votes” !
    The only true reason anyone would even suggest a mail in vote, is because they know they will have to come up with a way where they can easily cheat! These type people would not have the sense to run a country! We can already see examples of what their way of thinking does to any area they are involved in. Now, can you imagine what the country would look like if they were able to accomplish their “wish list”???

    The only way to vote is with a picture ID with them as they vote, and also a patrol group to keep the voting machines checked, (to make certain they have not been tampered with); also, a finger print tabulator in the computer system that would immediately tell if the voter had already voted in another district or state. The cost of the software would be well worth the cost of freedom from these type tyrants and air heads from ever being able to win an election! Each voter district should be penalized for unkempt voter records and be held as
    responsible as the cheating multi voters, so they would be more careful with their purging
    of files of deceased voters , multi voters, and relocated voter records in each district.

    I would also like to see the system blare out loud with a red sign appearing on screen when
    a voter tried to pull something stupid such as voting more than once….let it scare the devil out of them, of course we would have to keep a mop and bucket handy for those who peed themselves or worse !! This would be what they deserved- then, off to the jail, dirty pants and all !!!
    Anyone caught trying to cheat vote should be shuttled off to prison with a hefty fine and loss of freedom to be on our streets for several years !!!


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