Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Liberals Plotting to Impeach and Remove Trump Over Coronavirus Response

Falling short of the votes they needed to impeach President Donald Trump over “Russian collusion,” some liberals are pouncing on the current coronavirus crisis to lay the legal groundwork for forcibly removing him from office.

Among them are a D.C. university professor and Barack Obama’s top Justice Department lawyer.

Chris Edelson, an assistant professor of government in American University’s School of Public Affairs in Washington, D.C., penned an opinion column for Market Watch calling on Congress to demand Trump resign, or impeach him.

“It’s painfully obvious that no normal person — let alone any typical president — would respond in the way President Donald Trump has,” writes Edelson, “At each stage, he has lied, he has created confusion, he has made reckless predictions, and he has, once and for all, demonstrated his manifest unfitness to serve.”

“It is clear even to casual observers that Trump is in over his head and is interested mainly in public messaging that he thinks will mitigate personal political damage to him in an election year,” Edelson writes.

He suggests public leaders step in before Americans vote and formally demand Trump resign from office.

“We may not be able to fix the damage that Trump has already caused, but at least we can stop him from doing any more harm. Public figures ought to be calling on the president to resign from office, to get out of the way and let competent people step in,” Edelson writes.

Even if they were to demand his resignation, Edelson admits Trump would never do so.

“Readers who are generally receptive to this conclusion may not unreasonably ask: What’s the point? Trump will never voluntarily leave office. That is a fair observation, and I do not expect him to do so,” Edelson writes.

That, according to Edelson, leaves Congress with only one solution – impeaching Trump over his coronavirus statements.

“In a functioning system, elected officials from both major political parties would call for the president’s resignation, and he would be forced to leave office or face impeachment and removal through the constitutional process,” writes Edelson.

Joining Edelson’s call for impeachment or removal is Neal Katyal, who as Acting Solicitor General under President Barack Obama was the federal government’s top courtroom lawyer.

In response to a Trump tweet comparing coronavirus deaths with deaths from influenza, Katyal replied with “OMG,” followed by “Twenty Fifth Amendment.”

Under the Twenty-fifth Amendment to the U.S Constitution, the president can be forcibly removed from office if the vice president or a majority of the cabinet declare him physically or mentally incapable of carrying out the duties of the office and two-thirds of Congress vote to affirm that determination.

In the previous session of Congress, U.S. Rep. Jamie Raskin, a Maryland Democrat, introduced a bill that would create a panel of doctors, picked by congressional leaders, who would give Trump a mental health examination and recommend whether he be declared mentally incompetent and removed from office.

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Michael Brigham
Michael Brigham
Michael Brigham has written for American Action News since the summer of 2019. His areas of expertise include foreign affairs, government, and politics, but regardless of the subject matter, he has a nose and an insatiable appetite for news. In his free time, he enjoys reading nonfiction, watching a mix of comedies and true crime documentaries, and spending time away from the swamp hiking in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.


  1. Trump has accomplished so many good things that has helped to save lives—He is one of the few that is capable of working around the clock, making difficult decisions, and keeping control of his emotions—And still there are a few that would remove him from office—Listen to me you ignorent ones that fall into this “remove him” catagory—There is no-one else that could handle this horrible situtation we are in and you should appreciate him in lieu of having the desire to remove him—Just imagine Bernie or Biden being in charge and the mess either one would make in this situtation—Wake up you dummies and look at the job he has done for America—Or maybe you are so stupid you can’t even see that—We do not need you to get involved in something you are not capable of handling, so leave things alone and just go away—America does not need your incompetience, nor your lies, so shove off—You are not wanted here.

    • Nor are YOU, you clown! And the first time I listen to a blowhard “professor” from the American (COMMUNIST) University in Washington, DC will be the LAST!!

    • Well put! I have only 2 years of college, am 71 and have raised 4 kids alone, have 17 grandkids and 5 great grands and even I can see the idiocy of the democratic party! How do they cradle their heads at night with all the evil they spew? Satan rules them and they’re too stupid to see that! God will give them exactly what they want…hell! Not everyone who says ‘Lord, Lord!’ will enter heaven. This is the best they will ever see…,poor souls! Rich in money, poor in spirit! No worries…God’s got it all under control. NO man can put assunder what He has put in place. Repent before it’s too late [which by all indications, it already is too late!]!!!

      • Nancy, congrats on your big family! I recently became a granddad for the first time (Feb 3) and inherited two other awesome kids from mom’s previous relationship.
        I believe it’s NOT too late to repent. When Jesus returns, THAT will be the time to repent and ask forgiveness for our sins. At this point it’s enough simply to believe in Him and do our best.
        God bless you and your family!

      • Well stated, Nancy. God bless you and the US of A! We NEED IT with maniacs like this clown teaching at AmeriKKKan University in Washington, DC (no less). American MY BUTT!!

    • Chris Edelson and Neal Katyal are dumbass motherfuckers with shit for brains. These two idiots are going to get their fucking asses kicked. We’re coming for you Chrisy and Nealy boys. You cocksuckers are going down. Assholes.

      • Shithead, I resent the fact you are being overly kind to those losers. Also, I hope the first pencil neck fan that utters that contemptible “I” word is shown the door and gets a recall run up his butt. $30 million dollars wasted by the “i”diots needs to NEVER happen again. In fact I don’t understand why the demonRats shouldn’t be required to pay the money back. Just like some people do that loose in court cases.

    • Could anyone imagine if Hellary or Bidumbass were president during this pandemic. Millions of US citizens would die if either of these assholes were president. Any Democrapeater for that matter.

    • Exactly. Where was this deranged liberal lunatic at when his mentor, the muslim traitor, hid everything he could from the American people in 2009 regarding the swine flu that killed hundreds of thousands of people because of his stupidity and incompetence?

    • Amen~ You nailed it, this commie lawyer is hard up for work so he thought if he fired up the already sick media he might be able to get a little work! This sick fn jerk just needs to go away, FAR AWAY!

  2. What WILL happen is that Pelosi and all the Democrats including Schiff and Nadler will be arrested for the first Hoax Impeachment b/c they committed crimes.
    The main crime is that the Constitution Commands the entire House be called to vote on ALLOWING subpoenas.
    Pelosi shrugged that off, that’s what happens when crooks in Congress have gotten away with their crimes incessantly for 30 years as she has.
    The result of Pelosi’s vile sedition to strike at the Constitution is that all 18 of the witnesses giving testimony in Schiff’s committee as well as behind closed doors were illegal and all their subpoenas unlawful.
    Pelosi’s attempt at yet another impeachment of the president will mean committing Double Jeopardy.
    Really cannot get over the snake attitude of the Democrats to believe they are above the law and they keep on doing it no matter how oft they are reminded they are not above the law. – they may be considering all those hidden laws that Congress voted for itself to protect itself, such as that silly one that a Senator or a Representative cannot be charged with a crime if what they said happened inside Congress but they can be charged if they do the same thing outside – that’s all poppycock, all of Congress are our employees, elected just to represent us, not to defraud us with their lobbyist pals, and Barr should be ready to make the whole shebang of wrongdoing by Congress for the last 237 years right.
    Beats all why none of them saw Trump as The Gamechanger – but maybe they did and certainly do now which is why they’ve been trying to crucify him for the last four years.
    Barr isn’t stupid and neither are we and Pelosi hasn’t had a prez who is a Constitution President (which is why he keeps winning all those Supreme Court cases.) – so the time is now when we are all in accord that the Law must be obeyed.

    • Totally agree time to get rid of ALL Democrats and charge them for ALL the crimes they have committed, go back as far legally allowed and dredge up EVERYTHING. Come next election vote every last one of them OUT OF OFFICE. NO PENSION, NO INSURNACE, NOTHING it is a temporary job conifined to the 4 years if elected and NOT a permanent position. No bennies

  3. To Chris Edelson: It is painfully obvious that you are not a person who should be in a position to honestly educate our college/university students. I would offer that most American Citizens, would appreciate that you would forward your immediate resignation from your position as a member of the staff at American University, School of Public Affairs. It is painfully obvious that you are not capable of offering a true educational experience to students of that University or any other. Your position is to teach and educate, not to exercise your personal opinions as a method of teaching. That is why our Colleges and Universities have not provided our nation with enough graduates to actually pursue their dreams, or their ambitions to offer their reason of expending the cost to their education. So please take your opinions to the street corner and not in the classroom of one of our Universities.

    • Amen to this, Fred. So-called teachers in our colleges and universities, like Chris Edleson, should concentrate on educating and training their students to take their place in society. Save their washed up opinions for people who operate outside the school setting, not for the classroom. People should stop donating to colleges. The cost to parents to send their children to college is absurd; especially since the government has taken over the student loan program. Maybe, what will come out of this pandemic will force changes in the way students are educated in college. It’s certain that what is occurring at the present time isn’t working.

  4. If all this experts???? that question what President can offer why don’t they just shut up.
    I’m sure that they could offer some positive suggestions but they don’t know how.
    The democrats and all the liberals should just shut up and follow Trumps orders,.

  5. God Help Us!
    I can’t believe how out of touch these people are about President Trump and the glory he has brought back to this country!
    The bottom line is they are so jealous of how much he has achieved in 3 years, more than the democrats have done in 50 years, and anything that the democrats have achieved is to make America go backwards and closer to socialism each day…
    Thank God for President Trump…and God bless him and keep him safe…

  6. This is the type of garbage that reasonable people come expect from liberals in a time of crisis. No one has done a better job than President Trump thank God for President Trump.

  7. Bigoted views like those expressed in the above article continue to push this independent toward the Republicans. Trump is not a savior but he isn’t the devil these demons say he is either.

  8. This is the last straw !!! These lying demonrats should be thrown out of office. They are the ones putting roadblocks in the Presidents way as he tries to deal with this emergency by adding a lot of BS to the bills that need to be passed. It is time to remove all the demonrats who agree with pillosi and slummer.

  9. Every Democratic Congress…along with these TDS lawyers need to be…impeached

    Trump’s handling of Coronavirus response has been stellar…there is not one Democrat that I can think of who can hold a candle to Trumps gargantuan efforts to curb spread if the virus and the response to healing America

    Democrats en masses suffer from TDS….as does the media.

  10. Trump and VP Pence have done everything correctly along with the Doctors who advised them. You Democrats make me sick. All this because Hillary lost. You are all so pissed off you can’t see straight. If I could I would fire the lot of you starting with Pelosi and Schumer.

  11. When Democrats are the criminals because if they had been protecting the American citizens instead of the illegal aliens we NEVER would be infected in the first place. Stupid idiots they need to be in jail Americans citizens have had enough of all they have ruined. They need to pay for all of this!

  12. These people seem to get dumdber by the day;they have no ideas, do nothing, and just keep looking to blame him for everthing bad, so that they can try to impeach him again.
    There needs to be something done, to hold these people responsible for creating a division and crisis in our country.

  13. Impeach Our President over the way he has handled the Carnivorous is Laughable. This President is doing a magnificent job. Biden, or Cuomo would be a disaster. You damn democrats want to steal even more than what you did in the last “stimulus” package and only Donald Trump and the people that support him can stop you. Why under this pandemic can you not pull together to defeat this plague that China has strewn across this planet? Wait for the elections, let votes count.

  14. They are wasting time and tax payers money doing so. He is doing the best he can do under the circumstances he is under. I don’t know how anyone can do what he does everyday, with those vial people breathing down my neck waiting for me to mess up. He is one of the best Presidents ever. They need to let him do his job and stop being a “negative Nellie” all the time. Hatred and jealously is such a bad thing to have in your life. They need to do their job, they are paid to do and STOP.

  15. I think these guys are power hungry and see the writing on the wall. Has the President done every little thing right? No. Has he done so much wrong that he should be removed? Absolutely NOT! He has done, for the most part, a fabulous job. The problem is not the President it is Congress. We are tired of our elected officials acting like children in a school yard, trying to see who is the biggest bully and who can push and shove people around and be the person in charge. Well I go news for you folks. If you actually think that there is any other President who could have done a better job, I suggest you look around at other world leaders. USA is head and shoulders above any other country in terms of preparedness and and in terms of keeping the amount of cases and the amount of deaths we have compared to the amount of people we have in the US. And if anyone is to blame for anything it is Nanny Pelosi for riding into Washington and mucking things up. She needs to shut up and let the grown ups at the table make the decisions!

    • All the old old old democraps that have been in there year after year are so old they are living their second childhood and be put out to pasture! Kick their asses out of there! Vote Red no matter what! Slam the punks!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  16. The approval rate is 51% and climbing. So who believes Edelsen and his real boss, Obama?
    The same 30% who believed that Trump’s ECONOMY was bad.
    And once again, none of them are able to specifically say what Trump did that was so outrageous. There is a reason for that. Those who believe them do not need facts, logic, reasoning or truth. They believe because, just like the slower union members, they can’t THINK FOR THEMSELVES.

  17. The Desperate Left, led by the Democrats, and their controlled Media Outlets, are conspiring yet again to remove Trump ans Enslave America! Beware the liars, they like the Father of all Liars are not to be trusted!

  18. TDS is a real mental condition. It seems that there is very little POTUS can do that won’t get criticized by some liberal corner or another.
    I think there’s another condition at play also, that keeps many in the dark about reality. It’s called cranial rectal inversion syndrome.

    • In regards to your Cranial Rectal Inversion Syndrome there is a very easy and accurate test and diagnosis for the condition. It’s been around for years and doctors are just now starting to connect the dots.

      Many of them are finding brain tumors during routine Colonoscopies.

  19. The only people that need their head exam-ed is the people that are continuing to try to remove TRUMP from office. If we want him removed we will do that in November of this year. Are the Democraps so scared that they can not win that their only answer is impeach him. Hope you keep it up more and more Dems. are turning to the Rep. side. Somewhere between 25 to 35% already are on his side now. So the old saying goes “STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES”.

  20. You Stupid SOB’es think your gonna get away with this Shit you’ve got another thing a commin, you’ll start a war like you have never seen before…our president still has the power to order Marshall Law, he’s still Commander an Chief…the 25th amendment states what happens to the presidency and vice presidency if the president and/or vice president, resigns or becomes incapacitated or disabled. Passed by congress on July 6, 1965, the 25th amendment was ratified by the states on February 10, 1967, our president or vice president has neither died, been incapacitated, or disabled to my knowledge, x president Oboma has nothing more to do with this office or presidential dutys!!!!!!!!!

  21. There was a time when I believed we needed a loyal opposition, but at this moment, we can do without those that we have in congress who call themselves Democrats. All they seem to do is cause trouble. I abhorred our former President. However, without the proper ammunition, impeachment was impossible. I don’t think the Democrats have any idea how much the people wanted Obama gone. He was tearing the fabric of our country apart. Our laws, our beliefs, our flag, our military, etc all were being torn and at that time I wasn’t sure we could recover. The Democrats really are stupid people. They don’t think that people can actually think for themselves.

  22. Who cares what that loser of a president Obama and his cronies think and say,they may not be infected with the virus.But they are suffering from TDS which hits you hard and long lasting. There is no known cure for TDS at present. The only solution is to have them put away because they are harmful to themselves and our county.Throw in the main steam loser media for good measure also.PRESIDENT TRUMP is doing the best job of any current president could have done. That includes Obama, Bush and Clinton.They are not worthy to carry his jock strap!!

  23. Someone needs to ask Mr. Edelson what are the specific lies President Trump told or has been telling. I will bet he cannot come up with any as this is the lefts MO. They say things but have no facts to back it up. The problem is nobody challenges these liberals when they make these outrageous statements.

  24. you would think that the Congressional Dems would think twice or five times before going down that road. Considering the blowback from their last clusterphuk and the Polls (latest I could find, from last week)

    Percent of Americans approve of the President’s handling of the COVID crisis.
    Gallup 60 percent
    ABC/CBS News 53 percent
    Monmouth University 50 percent

    if Dems pursue this, especially if pandemic restrictions have not been lifted, they could well be in for a shellacking come Novemeber. On second thought, bring it on Dems! Get ready for a Red tsunami!

  25. What a mindless idea of gobbledygook from once smart leaders who are now obsessed with “love of money” which is the “root of all evil.” They now penalize the working class by crap such as NAFTA, one world order, dividing our country by their sanctimonious claims of caring Bout the poor, etc, etc, etc. Real hard-working Americans who take cRe of their families & neighbors with their initiative and ethical creativity elected Trumo and continue to PRAY for term limits during his 2nd term so that the lifetime pigs in Congress who get richer while doing nothing good for taxpayers will finally go home where they belong.

  26. TDS ALWAYS leads to, well, deranged comments and these bozos are in that mold. BTW, Epstein didn’t kill himself and no person should subsequently vote for or otherwise support Plagiarjoe Bidenist else be wearing female body fluids on his/her hands (EWWWWW). AN-other thing, building 7 didn’t fall (in its own footprint and at free-fall speed) from office fires. Please listen to Bob Dylan’s new release Murder Most Foul. The be-ya, the be-ya, the be-ya, that’s all folks.

  27. The anger and hatred from the left is a sure sign of mental illness. Thank God we have President Trump. He is rational and listens to his experts. The deranged bozos have gone off the rails for 3 1/2 years. Time to get some rational politicians in the House and Senate. The President’s approval rating keeps increasing. This is in part thanks to the daily briefings and his low tolerance for stupid questions and stupidity coming from the left.

  28. I beg any Republican “elected official” to join in impeaching President Trump. With 60+ million Trump supporters, watching you get destroyed in the next election will be the highlight of my day! Just like that half-wit imbecile Mittens Romney will be.

    As far as I am concerned, any Republican who opposes Trump is dispensable.

  29. So tired of the libs trying to steal the office of president of the United States. Look back at the confusion after Katrina, the flu thing. All these people are doing the best that can be done in the time frame they’ve had. There is no magic cure for stuff like this…you get the best support you can and deal with it and that’s what he has been doing. Grand standing governors, libs doing the best they can to screw things up just to get to Trump…EVERYBODY KNOWS THIS…hope crap is over soon, only have to keep New Yorkers in NY

  30. He needs to keep them busy with other things so they have no time to do waste doing this. They are lazy and only see their job as attacking the president nonstop and impeaching him. They should not get paid. He could hold them accountable for treason?

  31. The best thing you can say about Nancy Pelosi is – she is old and hopefuly won’t be around much longer. ALL of her acidic rage has to be eating her alive.

  32. I you TRULY want to clean this mess up, democrats & RINOs (communist globalists), the same media, and their masters, must be removed from the conversation. This is the ONLY way.
    They have NEVER. I repeat NEVER, done anything positive for the health of America and they are like a cancer, creating our deep state, communism indoctrinating universities, phony non-profits, and the coup that has wasted President Trump’s first four years.
    We shall demand his time be returned to him. First four years do-over. If there is no punishment for their coup and a multitude of other crimes committed, they will not only continue this horrific behavior, they will turn up the heat.

  33. If you TRULY want to clean up this mess, democrats & RINOs (communist globalists), the same media, and their masters, must be removed from the conversation. This is the ONLY way.
    They have NEVER, I repeat NEVER, done anything positive for the health of America and they are like a traitorous cancer. They have aided and abetted our enemies, vaporized our wealth, created the deep state, created communism indoctrinating universities, phony non-profits, and the coup that has wasted President Trump’s first four years, the citizen’s time, and a vast amount of taxpayer dollars.
    This is America’s last chance. We must demand his time be returned to him. First four years do-over. If there is no punishment for their coup and a multitude of other crimes committed, they will not only continue this horrific behavior, they will turn up the heat.

  34. This university professor inthe Liberals plotting again piece is absolutely despicable. The university that employs him should think about his mental derangement and fire him. Media people have gotten dressed down for less than what’s in this piece.I would bet he’s at least a socialist if not a communist. He’s a nut job at least!

  35. That person Neal Katyal is a buffoon. I watched a video of him being asked questions about the virus… Omg.. I fell asleep! all he did was talk about himself and how he was a child prodigy and how he invented EMail when he was 13.?? The guy is an egocentric maniac who is so drunk in love with himself he forgot the point was the CORONAVIRUS and not him. I remember thinking. Who the hell is this jerk. Now I know. Of course. An Obamafile!!!

  36. Please, Snidely Whiplash, tell us all your plans. But instead of being a leftist who makes vague general allegations, make your indictments in detail as all indictments because generalizations are signs of such a weak mind.

  37. The Professor is really mentally ill. Traitor, go to hell. Disgraceful!. Shut up your stinky mouth. God bless President Trump. President will stop the Wuhan Corona Virus sooner.Everybody loves You, President. You will be successful. You are very courageous. ” The dog bark but the caravan continues to go forward” (Proverb).

  38. Wake up America before its too late , get behind Trump all the way Be out in Nov and vote him back into WH . Win both House s


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