Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Former Republican Governor Pataki Blasts Cuomo for Policy That May Have Killed Thousands in Nursing Homes

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Former Republican Governor of New York State, George Pataki, is now blasting his successor Andrew Cuomo for a policy which may have lead to thousands of Coronavirus deaths in nursing homes throughout the state.

As Townhall reports:

George Pataki, who governed New York from 1995 to 2006, said what happened in New York nursing homes is a “disgrace.”

“Gov. Cuomo’s handling of the nursing homes has been a disaster,” Pataki told the New York Post. “Thousands of people’s lives might not have been lost except for these tragic policies.”

In a conversation with Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum, the two wondered why Cuomo didn’t take advantage of either the Javits Center, which had been turned into a temporary COVID-19 hospital, or the USNS Comfort, which President Trump personally sent off to New York City from Norfolk, Virginia.

“New York’s policies with nursing homes is incomprehensible,” he told MacCallum. “The Comfort had hundreds of beds waiting to take coronavirus-positive patients,” Pataki said. “In the nursing homes, where the weakest of the aged [and] the most vulnerable were put together, [they] were required to take corona positive patients. It is an incomprehensible policy, and I think someone should look into it.”

The former Governor is now calling for an official investigation into Cuomo’s potentially lethal decision, which, if carried through, may permanently alter the American people’s view of Cuomo.



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Jake Walker
Jake Walker
Jake Walker has written for American Action News since the summer of 2019. His passions include geopolitics, history, and contemporary American politics. Jake's arrival in Washington, D.C. followed a rural New England upbringing in a tight-knit family.


  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhh, way ta go Fredo leave the gun take the canoli. No one want`s to even go fishing with you. Whatever you`re smokin you should have left it alone. I don`t want to hear what`s next.

    • Looks to me like Cuomo with his arrogant, disobedient brother were just showing their desire to get rid of old people. I see. IF he had taken advantage of the ship and the offers of help, he would have been giving Trump credit for actions that saved lives. Sure wouldn’t want to do that.
      IT IS ALL ABOUT POLITICS. And don’t expect any Cuomo to obey quarantine orders. They get to do whatever they want.

    • Anyone with a brain????? Why do you suppose that THE hotspot of the entire nation is NEW YORK STATE? That is not a coincidence. That is not an accident. That is because of who is in charge. And where are the other HOT SPOTS???? Chicago? Michigan? Houston and Dallas in Texas. We can’t figure out what they did to make their cities SICKER than the rest of the state. BUT THEY ARE.

  2. Now I am sure that some who read this article would say that anyone could have done a better job than the Mayor or Governor of New York, but everyone has an opinion and like butts not all are correct, now when you get a load of bricks dumped on you it is never the right brick that tyou remove first according to some, especially if it is from the opposing party.

    • OMG – seriously? Does whatever you are on leave you with a headache next morning? If not, I want some.

    • I believe a larger load of bricks were dumped on President Trump, his major fault was relying on a medical advisor with ties to China and monetary ties to development of a vaccine. How much slack are you willing to cut him????

      • I agree 100%, George. Assuming Fauci is the “medical advisor” you’re referring to, I’m with you there, too! I think his “predictions” have been guesswork in a lot of cases — which is the only thing statistics and data really support in the short-term — have contributed to the hysteria and fear-mongering that have seen this roll out of control since day one! And I think President Trump needs better and more trustworthy advisors to help him figure out who to listen to and who to ignore. There are just way too many devious people out there who speak out of both sides of their mouths.

      • And you could’ve done better. At least he listened until he found out Fauci was a shill for the left instead of going off on his own. It was Obozo who put this trash in business in the first place. Grow up.

    • That is just about the most lame excuse I have heard for Democrat failure. But you have proven that you are a college aged kid getting paid by Soros. And yes, you failed.

  3. I’m concerned for my own dad in my state. Why do they allow covid cases to be admitted or to returned to the nursing homes from the outpatient setting before they test negative?

    • To eliminate the cost of taking care of the seniors. Period. There is no other viable explanation. They had the medical ship the Comfort. They had the facility Franklin Graham set-up and more facilities the military set-up that were Never Used.

      • Simply because it was Trump who suggested using them and made them available. Anyone who HATES someone so bad as to allow people to die or suffer needs to be ELIMINATED!!!

        • “There was a Democrat in the hospital who was COVID-19 positive. Everyday he prayed with all of his might that God would spare him – that he would survive and go home. Then the doctors started treating him with hydroxychloroquine. The Democrat immediately started praying with all of his might that he would die – so he could prove Trump wrong.” Dem Logic 101

  4. I at first took sides with ‘Robert’ whose partial quote “…when you get a load of bricks dumped on you it is never the right brick that you remove first according to some, especially if it is from the opposing party.” was spot on, even if it does defend a democrat. But I had to regroup my own thoughts thinking, ‘ just how and when did cuomo become aware of the elderly being an especially ‘soft target’ for the virus? After a brief run down, yeah, a good many deaths could have been avoided had he acted more responsibly rather than just spending more air time reiterating ‘his need’ for more assistance than any and every other state. Now i wonder, did he (or so ill advised) plan this for sympathy? To play the ‘effective’ politician who was willing to work across party lines to get his state more money? His dad was certainly a master in playing both ends to the middle as well a a great orator. I guess he took some of dear ol dad’s advice.

  5. Cuomo is an incompetent socialist politico. He is a Soros, Pelosi, Schumer, Obama, Biden hypocrite and liar. His policy should definitelybe investigated by the FBI and DOJ.

    • But apparently Hot Lips Houlihan admires his actions during this crisis. And since she got her (fictional) medical training on a CA movie lot, who can doubt her, or hizzzzoner himself.

  6. Let us not forget that Gov. Cuomo encouraged people to go to the Chinese New Year celebration , despite the warnings from President Trump at the time. How many people caught and died from the Kung Flu on that one?.

  7. Cuomo supports the murder of babies. Why is anybody surprised when he reportedly has the blood of many, many nursing home patients on his hands because his administration sent patients with coronavrus to nursing homes who were unequipped to handle these people in lieu of sending them to the military ship with a thousand beds and other hospital beds that were erected at the cost of millions by Dobnald Trump only to have Cuomo ignore their availability while repeatedly condemning the actions of Donald Trump on national television as not listening to his pleas! Cuomo played a major role in the Democratic scheme to provide homes to unqualified buyers with sub-prime mortgages that cost American Taxpayors billions in housing market de-valuations in addition to billions more being paid to banks as part of the half backed scheme which saw mortgagees default to the tune of billions with a Federal guarantee that no bank would suffer the cosequences of the defaults which everyone knew would surely happen!

  8. What took so long to come to this decision? First, DeBlasio tells people that the virus is nothing. Go ride the subway, go to movies, go to shows, act normally. Then Cuomo orders the nursing homes to accept patients with the virus. Even though they did not have proper protection gear. Hitler would be proud of these two devils.

  9. Investigate Cuomo. Investigate all governors who allowed the seniors with the virus to be returned to the nursing homes. That was a knuckleheaded decision. They told everyone to stay home, to stay six feet away from others knowing this virus was easily contracted. And yet they do such a stupid thing.

  10. After reading about the ‘Comfort’ disaster I looked up other reports of the same incident: they are very different to yours. They say that the Navy refused to allow Covid-19 patients on board because they feared any infection would be uncontrollable on a ship. So they allowed only non-Covid patients on board. Apparently there were many other exclusions also.
    Obviously some one is lying, while people are dying. America is finished-consumed by corruption

  11. The problem with Cuomo is that it’s always about him. He’s always looking for that next 15 minutes of fame. He doesn’t care who he steps on or who gets hurt in the process. Just another pathetic New York democrat politician.

  12. All the families of those in Nursing homes, assisted living facilities throughout NY State, and the nurses and staff, should join in a class action lawsuit against Gov. Cuomo PERSONALLY, because when you commit premeditated murder, (or at the very least manslaughter, reckless endangerment, many other charges can fit),you do not get the benefit of State immunity your job normally offers for decisions.

  13. A nurse, who came to help at two NYC hospitals said they’re purposely euthanized. They give them treatments that kill them, and they know it. They use defibrillator on people with 40% heartbeat which kills them. Also, other treatments denied, which were necessary. Hospitals in NYC and Nursing homes, with highest death rates, should be investigated. We need all nurses to testify of wrongdoing by administration staff.

  14. The dem terrorists are using the virus to kill the sick and elderly which fits into their population control agenda. They want as many babies killed as possible so they can get their kickbacks from pp. they are murderers for money. Why else would they place sick people off the streets to infect the elderly but release violent felons onto the streets. They want the felons votes. Everyone of the dems need to hang for treason and murder. The sooner the better. Stop voting the pigs into office.

  15. Y’all know that ‘meme’ about ‘throwing grandma off a cliff’? Well Governor ‘homo’ actually did it…ya guys are all ‘talk’ while, he’s a ‘man of action’ yer got to ‘walk the talk’ man!


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