Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Data Shows Number of Registered Democrats Continues to Plunge


Democrats’ hopes that a backlash against President Donald Trump would lead to a “blue wave” of new party members is crashing into reality as new data show the number of registered Democrats in the U.S. continues a years-long decline.

Numbers compiled by Ballot Access News from the 31 states with voter registration by party show 39.66 percent of America’s registered voters are Democrats, a drop from 40.6 percent in 2016.

Democrats saw their share rise under Obama, from 42.19 percent in 2004 to 43.62 percent during his successful 2008 campaign. Any expectation Trump’s unpopularity would continue to add to those numbers has fallen flat as Democrat registration dropped sharply once Obama left office.

But there’s not much to celebrate for Republicans, who have always trailed Democrats in national registration numbers and are also seeing declines. In 2004 Republicans made up 32.79 percent of all voters, and have since fallen to just 28.87 percent.

The declines are fueled by the growing number of voters registering as “Independent.” In 2004 independents trailed both Democrats and Republicans at 23.15 percent of all voters.   They have now surpassed Republicans as the second-largest “party,” growing to 29.09 percent of voters.

That six percent growth nearly matches the combined two percent loss of Democrats and four percent loss of Republicans.

AAN Staff
AAN Staff
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  1. Being a conservative voter but appreciating the rational comments from the Democrats; I’ve always liked Chris Mathews. To bad he and others are being crucified by a new found fasict loyalty to modern puritism. This is the pendulum swing from the 70’s and “free love.” A word of warning to all who grew up in the 70’s…..the melienals are out to do us harm!

  2. Don’t be taken by this, we need to get out the vote to the degree possible. Lots of low information voters out there.

  3. Most politicians, of both parties, are sleazy second-rate lawyers. Why would any sane person want to a member of either club? That’s why Trump is so successful, he has a businessman’s perspective, rather than a lawyer’s.

  4. uncle dave is exactly correct.! That is why the “swamp” ( the useless creatures who barely passed the bar) hate President Trump..He is a success OUTSIDE of the cesspool.. He donates his entire salary because he sees no need to “rip off” the taxpayer as opposed to the sick swamp dwelling democrats. Democrat/liberal has now become scum sucking bottom feeding trash !

  5. It is time to stop allowing illegal aliens vote it does not make sense Americans citizens pay for it all. We are allowing criminals continue to rape, kill, rob, kidnap, hack, con, manipulate, moleste, destroy our country our way of life? We deserve better the outrages amount of money we all continue to pay for shit on the streets, chaos, corn on a stick, rudeness un able to communicate we cant even wear a red hat to support own country plus the stupid outrages political correctness that is not at all American. For what city and gov public servants to control our lives it has not been for our greatness when was it that as an American citizen we agreed on helping to destroy this country? English is what we speak i know it aint easy but i learned it a no body only to have to go be treated like shit as they did in a third world country. I am sorry i rather kill myself. My whole life worked hard to earn the things i have to get away from it all HELP We the people have had enough We are one under God we can do it and will do it. Our future will only get better our lives depend on it. We can not help the world going backwards!

  6. Gee, with all the thousands attending every one of President Trump rallies including outside in the crummy weather why is the registration for Republicans going down. What, do these people think that there is a populist party as the media keeps saying President Trump is. Well, there isn’t a populist party. That is what media calls a person who is voted in by popular vote that includes voters from all different parties. President Trump is a Republican in the Republican party and that is the only way you can vote for him by registering Republican. If you register Independent you are throwing your vote away because there are not enough Independents in any office to out vote the numbers of democrats and republicans in office and you are helping the democrats by not voting republican if you want President Trump in office.

  7. Anna, it is only in primary elections that Independents cannot vote in either the Republican or Democrat election.


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