Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Biden’s Campaign Speech Marred by String of Embarrassing Interruptions

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A recent virtual campaign event for presumed Democrat frontrunner Joe Biden was marred by a series of highly embarrassing interruptions.

As The Daily Wire reports:

As reported by The Hill and pointed out by various folks online, despite being delivered safely from the controlled confines of his Delaware home, Biden’s livestreamed virtual campaign speech Monday ended up being marked by “repeated interruptions” and distractions, including honking Canadian geese, a Secret Service member seen lurking in the background, and a ringing cell phone.

“The pandemic has unleashed familiar forces of hate, fear and xenophobia that he always flames,” Biden told the AAPI Victory Fund in the live-streamed speech. While that bigotry has “always existed in this society,” said Biden, “this president brought it with him, has brought with it a new rash of racial messages, verbal and physical attacks and other acts of hate, some subtle, some overt, against the Asian American and Pacific Islanders.”

But while he delivered his racially charged rebuke of the president, Biden’s supposedly controlled virtual environment conspired against him.

While the event was truly embarrassing, honking geese and ringing cell phones will be the least of Biden’s worries when he inevitably faces Donald Trump in face to face debates in the fall.

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Jake Walker
Jake Walker
Jake Walker has written for American Action News since the summer of 2019. His passions include geopolitics, history, and contemporary American politics. Jake's arrival in Washington, D.C. followed a rural New England upbringing in a tight-knit family.


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