Tuesday, June 2, 2020

AOC Now Demanding ‘Coronavirus Reparations’ for Minorities

Socialist New York City Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez isn’t letting a crisis go to waste. The notoriously inaccurate leftist is taking to Twitter to demand the federal government hand out “coronavirus reparations” to Americans based on skin color.

“COVID deaths are disproportionately spiking in Black + Brown communities. “Why? Because the chronic toll of redlining, environmental racism, wealth gap, etc. ARE underlying health conditions,” Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) tweeted Friday.

“Inequality is a comorbidity. COVID relief should be drafted with a lens of reparations,” she wrote.

“Redlining” refers to an alleged practice banks used to supposedly deny home loans to minorities, which has nothing to do with viral lung infections.  The COVID-19 pandemic has also paid no attention to wealth, first striking wealthier Americans more likely to engage in international travel including many celebrities and political figures.

Ocasio Cortez’s rant about New York city’s poor housing came after holding a “virtual town hall” from her Washington. D.C. luxury apartment while other members of Congress returned to their districts.

“While Queens and The Bronx have lines down the block at hospitals and grocery stores, AOC is holed up at a brand new luxury apartment where she shops at Whole Foods in her lobby,” said  Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, one of her Democrat primary opponents.

“That’s shameful. No wonder voters think that she is out of touch. She has a golf-simulator and infinity pool and Peloton Cycle room as well as other luxuries while families in the Bronx and Queens are worried about how long the lines are at the grocery store and where they are going to get their next paycheck. AOC isn’t even here to see their desperation and their struggle to survive with her own eyes,” said Caruso-Cabrera.

Ocasio Cortez was elected less than two years ago after criticizing the then-incumbent for living in Washington, D.C. instead of returning to New York when Congress wasn’t in session.

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Michael Brigham
Michael Brigham
Michael Brigham has written for American Action News since the summer of 2019. His areas of expertise include foreign affairs, government, and politics, but regardless of the subject matter, he has a nose and an insatiable appetite for news. In his free time, he enjoys reading nonfiction, watching a mix of comedies and true crime documentaries, and spending time away from the swamp hiking in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.


  1. In case you do not recognize it, this is called pandering Polarization, it is a Bolshevik/ Nazi tactic. Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf, “that if the Jew had not existed, I would have had to create him.”
    “Wenn der Jude nicht existiert hätte, hätte ich ihn erschaffen müssen.” Understand she and handlers are Bolsheviks and Islamic controlled. She controlled by the Young Turks, The Brains Behind AOC Part II – YouTubeThe Brains Behind AOC Part II – YouTube The Brains Behind AOC Part II – YouTube
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    Rep. Tlaib Quintuples Down on AOC’s ‘Concentration Camps’ Rhetoric

    • Got to hand it to this brainless idiotic twit, just like all liberals she has no problem spending other peoples money on BULLS**T! Gee AOC since you feel so strongly and passionately about this issue, donate your salary, for which you haven’t done a damned thing to earn to the cause. Since you socialists believe in ‘wealth redistribution, this shouldn’t be a problem unless you’re an all ‘do as i say not as i do’ hypocrite. Until then shut your F****N pie hole. Why the people of New York haven’t gotten rid of this waste of their time and taxes is well beyond me and I’m sure a lot of others. An even more important question: who in the hell wasted their votes on this amoeba? Whoever did, I hope you’re satisfied. As they say actions and elections have consequences, some of them dire. Next time do some research before voting especially for anybody who’s a ‘dumbocrap’ aka liberal which should be an automatic NO vote, as if it takes a genius to figure this out after all the BS the liberals do. Anyone promising ‘free this and free that’ is full of S**T, period. In life there’s no such thing as a ‘free ride’. For those out there who don’t get this it’s simple and is a basic tenet of economics. Wake up America!

      • She is proof that we need an INTELLIGENCE TEST before someone can run for congress. Surely most Democrats would not pass.
        Patty Murry and her claim of Osama’s day care centers
        Hank and his fear of Guam capcizing.
        Bill Clinton and his serial raping.
        Hillary and her “what difference does it make now.”

    • Political correctness and the idea of “racism” is itself a disease of the mind and spirit, and once you let it in, notice how it NEVER goes away, no matter how much you pander to it.

      It only continues to ramp up it’s claims of oppression, and redefine “injustice” to include more and more, to the point of ridiculous, and even beyond ridiculous. In fact, they had to change the dynamics so that you can’t even get rid of it if you wanted to, by claiming it’s “systemic” meaning unintentional and always there whether anyone is actually being racist or not.
      Also notice how the grievance groups have had their existence redefined to where it is virtually impossible for them to suffer naturally . They can’t just have bad luck, get sick, be lazy and lose their job, or even commit a crime, because whatever it is, it’s due to “racism” of some kind, lurking somewhere, again, even if unintentional.

      In other words, without “racism” all ethnic groups would live continuous care free, problem free, pain free, disease free lives and never die, because that also has to be due to racism. Suffering or misfortune of any kind can happen to white people and be no one’s fault, but ethnic people cannot suffer without racism. This is the new assumption behind the hyper-PC agenda of grievance that cannot be placated no matter what or how much we do for them.

  2. You refer to “Brains behind AOC!” Tlaib should be put on an isolated island with AOC and they can rule it the way they want!


      • Thank traitor obama and his secret night flights to bring the muslims in by the plane load; they have taken over whole sections of several states, complete with ‘No Go’ aeras and Sharia courts; most, of course, collect welfare benefits, for their four-wife families and dozens of kids. This will not end well; in nowhere they settle does it ever. This is what Tlaib meant when she brazenly announced: ‘… the muslims are here’. She means here to take over (See: Dhimmitude).

      • They shouldn’t be allowed in this, or any other country; they should be kept in their own country. Those countries are a mess. Why? Because of wuo lives there.

      • Thanks for the posting Marvin but you forgot one thing, voting in city elections as well as the aforementioned elections.

    • Please voters of New York, get rid of this lying and thieving socialistic idiotic, brainless twit, and waste of time and your tax dollars ASAP. What’s the charm of this amoeba that according to my recollection, screwed you out of approximately 25 thousand good paying jobs with amazon and now just look where you’re at? And i thought New Yorkers were smart, evidently i was wrong. Thank God she’s not here in California where we have many like her and some even worse. One more thing: just what has she done to improve your lives? Go ahead, I’m waiting for an answer but won’t hold my breath.

    • Well New York you idiots elected this brainless twit and got what you voted for.. Hope you’re satisfied, and as they say, elections like all actions have consequences

  3. Convey AOC to the Brig with all haste so she can be interrogated as to the validity of her Black-Brown declaration to prove her ‘reparations’ extortion of Americans, and then removal to Gitmo to a cage where she can meet with her JAG for her tribunal.

  4. There are a lot of minorities.

    I’m Jewish…I want mine.

    I grew in a black/Hispanic area in the REAL BRONX.

    I was a minority…

    Are you fighting for me?

    Civil war is over. I know you want another one.
    Holocaust is over.

    I wish you would have seen REAL RACISM in the REAL BRONX!

    It wasn’t White people against the Black/Hispanic population.


    Hey….Didn’t even curse.

  5. Isn’t her reference to minirities a racist one? Why, during a pandemic, is such a statement allowed??? If such government funding for only minorities happens, then I hope all non-minority members who lose relatives to contact the World Court for justice

  6. This crazy wench actually thinks that she’s going to be president one day. She actually thinks that one day she is going to enter the room to “Hail to the Chief”.

    The only song that’ll be played for her when she enters a room is the theme song to Mr. Ed with those big ass teeth.

    I can hear her on the campaign trail now:

    Hello, I’m Mrs. Ed!

    A horse is a horse, of course, of course
    And no one can talk to a horse of course
    That is, of course, unless the horse is the famous Mrs. Ed.

    Go right to the source and ask the horse
    She’ll give you the answer that you’ll endorse
    She’s always yammering on of course.

    Talk to Mrs. Ed

    She’ll yakkity yak, whine & speak and waste your time of day

    But Mrs. Ed will always speak even though she has nothing to say

    A horse is a horse, of course, of course
    And this one’ll talk ’til her voice is hoarse.
    The jabbering Mrs. Ed.

    • Ah the television sitcom from the very late 1950’s early 1960’s. Alan Young, Wilbur Post, Connie Hines, Carol Post, Edna Skinner Feebie Addison and Larry Keating as Roger Addison, and of course the only talking horse Mr. Ed

  7. This ignorant anti America liberal skank needs
    voted out. Nobody needs reparations moron.
    I am white. Some are beown..some are black.
    But we are the same. You don’t care about
    anyone but yourself.
    Quit being a race baiter. This is a time for all
    Americans to come together..not some idiot
    pushing your racist agenda for votes.

    • I have a plan. Tell all those, who are not white, that want reparations to form a line. Put AOC in the front, put all them on a ship and send them to a country where the leaders and the majority are not white.

  8. Ask the your favorite communist CHINESE government you loon!!!! Just wanting tear to us up drain our economy,,,,for the big take over,,,!!!!

  9. This country does not need people like her in this government. She is nothing but an arrogant, ignorant, definitely stupid human who does not know her a** from her elbow! The woman of “The Squad” are nothing but trouble to this country and God knows we do not need any more trouble than we have already!!! Omar is a nothing but a lying, corrupt, terrorist, “know it all” who cares nothing about American and our citizens. And Tlaib is so out of touch with reality it is like she is living in the Twilight Zone, which she belongs. These so called women are nothing but trash! Shut your mouths up as no one wants to hear what any one of you say!

  10. AOC you have a better chance of getting reparations in Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, Syria, Russia and China, countries that align with your socialism. For my taxpayer money, until you morons become documented citizens of the US, say the pledge of allegiance and recognize that this great country has a Judaeo-Christian heritage, you are in for the fight of your life if you think that we are going to transfer the wealth to you.

    • She has a HEAD full of DONKEY POOP . IF she thinks that the AMERICAN TAXPAYER’S are just going to give up their MONEY 💰💰💰 to a DERANGED LOWLIFE like her she’s got a think coming .

  11. If stupid wants to pay reparations, then let it come out of her own pocket because my family comes first! And she can forget about her satanic new green deal because we will not have socialism in our country!

  12. Uh…she’s talking to the wrong government. China is responsible for the coronavirus, not the US. She should meet with her fellow socialists in China and work out a deal. I’m sure they would be impressed by her incredible persuasive abilities.

  13. The shithead Chicago mayor is saying that more people of color die from this than others, therefore it is racist whitey’s fault. Fuxk all you all communist race baiters. It’s part of the communist party line. I hope Corona takes your soulless asses out. You don’t belong in this constitutional Republic.

  14. IF ALL wants Preparations for MINORITIES and ILLEGALS then she should take it out of the MONEY 💰💰💰 that she rightly doesn’t earn ! She’s got all these DERANGED idea’s but she has NO idea 💡 how to or pay for all this CRAP !! I guess she thinks

  15. She is a complete and total idiot and lives in her own little world…..I’m surprised she can even wipe her butt..(probably has a machine do it,. )
    How in the hell does someone like her get to where she is???????
    She has no idea of reality, !!!!!

  16. Bella Pelosi, better known as Dracula. Sneaked in a 1 billion Dollar funding for Plan Parenthood (The abortion factory) in the Coronavirus bill. Never let a crisis go to waste is one of the Demoncrat 10 Satanic Commandments.

    Wuhan Virus Bioweapon AKA: China Virus, Coronavirus weaponized by China and their treasonous Godless demoncratic Commie party and cohorts the fake media, academia, Hollywood, Millennials…to crash the greatest US economy ever! And to take down the greatest president ever, President Trump!! Keep up the great work President Trump! 2020 and beyond! From the Patriots of a Commie Demoncrat free America!

  17. Anally Orally-Conflicted can address her demands for minority reparations to the Chinese Communist Party. They are the people who inflicted this new “Coolie Cooties” virus upon the world, aided and abetted by their cohorts in crime at WHO.
    China lied and hundreds of thousands dies and are dying. Let AOC pound her podium in Beijing.

    • Coolie cooties. I love this! Just what good has china done for the USA and the world other than release their filth, diseases and crappy products and foods unfit for humans and animals? Time to bring charges against these subhuman bastards in the world court! bring charges against these subhuman commie bastards economy and kick them out of the world trade organization. Enough of china and their filth and diseases!

  18. She needs a muzzle. I’m a White woman who was forced into unemployment, does she not consider me important enough to be helped? Why is she still in office? A recall vote would be awesome right now.

  19. Nitwit AOC let the door hit you in the ass as you leave the US House in Jan. 2021. It may knock some sense. Into your empty head!

  20. Nitwit AOC let the door hit you in the butt as you leave the US House in Jan. 2021. It may knock some sense. Into your empty head!

  21. There is no question that the Chinese Government should pay reparations to the affected rest of the world. Whether the American minority communities should be given preference is another question.

    I guess that the Jews are entitled to preference because they have been discriminated against the longest, but as for the rest, it is a political question, to be decided at the polls.

  22. Simple fix that’ll short AOC and her like mindless idiots out: Every one just “Self-Identify” as a Person of Color!

  23. Maybe minorities are getting infected and disproportionately die because they refuse to follow the suggested guidelines and limitations the government is suggesting. I’m a first responder and I see it every day, they feel the rules don’t apply to them.

  24. I can’t even imagine what AOC said to The People that would make them want to vote for her. She a brainless idiot that can’t think of the results of her ideas. Only Pelosi can support her, because they are two of a kind. A kind I would like to see gone from our Government.

  25. We find her guilty of every conceivable act Oft
    Treason against the people of America
    What ever race, religion & color by all means
    This person should be made an example of
    For the damage that she has done …we are
    At War to rid our country of a virus that killed
    Many.. She has criticized our government..
    Therefore we convict her & hang her as we
    Did at Nuremberg & bury in unmarked grave

  26. PLEASE PLEASE do us all a favor and shut the HELL UP! Just to see you and the other idiots make me want to BARF! Go back to tending bar, you have NO PLACE IN OUR GOVERNMENT! And how soon can we ship O back to where she came from?

  27. And that’s why we need the wall and strong boarders. If we don’t keep the illegals out there great great great grandchildren’s grandchildren will demand reparation for letting them in the country. All the democrats could ever see was cheap labor with there new brown slaves for big business. Anyone who doesnt help with the wall or doing everything they can to stop illegals and human trafficking of women and children should be made to pay reparation, I FREE my linage from any responsibility of paying reparation because I think all illegals should be allowed, even forced to go back home. if they think its so tearable here. I urge everyone to join me. in saying NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR BROWN OR ORANGE REPARATION.

  28. Now didn’t Obama care take care of that problem the people get FREE medical if they cant afford it ? So shut the F### up AOC and go back and read what your former President put into Law before you want to give more away he was a liberal commy as you are

  29. The people of that New York Congressional district elected AOC to Congress. She is proof of the adage you need to be careful of what you ask for because sometimes you get it. Unfortunately, the rest of the country has to put up with her insane ideas. At least, the voters have a chance to rectify their mistake this November.

  30. The polio epidemic, in the Fifties, existed at a time when the US had far greater firmly established social, cultural and economic disparities. They existed de facto (policy) and de jure(law). Yet when the Sabin-Salk vaccine and was made available, it was given to all Americans. Schools and other buildings were opened, during the summer, and converted to temporary mini clinics. People were asked to give a very small donation, if they could. However, if they were not able to make that donation, no one was turned away. People distinguished between that health issue and those regarding civil rights. They were not connected just as they are not now. If they were connected, no middle class or wealthy person would have died of the polio and would not be dying of the virus now. It has been said that minorities do not eat healthy food. That is a matter of education and cultural change. At one time pupils and students learned about healthy eating at home where the majority of meals were taken. They also learned from Home Economics classes in high school. There were very few fast food establishments and fewer people patronized them. A home cooked meal was treasured. Also, there were health classes in schools that taught students about the connection between healthy eating and physical health. There are parents today who see no problem in feeding their children fast food three times a day. Also, Ms. AOC ignores the fact that many schools provide healthy meals to illegal immigrant children three times a day and some are given food bags for the weekend. Once schools closed, school administrations worked and volunteers worked very hard to make sure that those children could continue to eat healthily. She and the other leftists will not be satisfied unless the country turns socialist and brings about economic redistribution which is the reason she and they continue to complain that unless no one has any more than anyone else there is inequality.

  31. Maybe her district would be so under priveledged had she let all those jobs come to it…whose fault is that….repreations should come from her pocket…as she takes from youres

  32. Well after the smart people leave and you are left with Liberals that are Hippocrates, no one is left to vote out the idiots like her and like everything Liberal it turns into a big POS that needs fixing from the Government, hay AOC why don’t you call Obama and ask him for some money I hear he’s loaded now and ask him what he has done for the cause lately my guess is no a F….g thing except do what all DemonRatz do talk shit


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