Right-wing “Brothers of Italy” candidate Giorgia Meloni won the race for Prime Minister in Italy, and her right-wing party gained support as well. Not long after securing the race for Prime Minister, Meloni and her party already have their eyes on fixing the issue of immigration facing Italy, and Europe as a whole. Large influxes of migrants from Africa and the Middle East have caused a rise in crime, and hurt the traditional culture of multiple European countries. 

In England, the most common name for children born is Muhammed in recent years, with over 7,000 children born given the name Muhammed, surpassing Jack, Oliver, Olivia, and Emily.

In Sweden, 58% of rapes are committed by foreign-born people, according to the BBC

In Italy, immigrants commit nearly 50% in the 14-24 age group according to the Italian government’s National Institute for Statistics (ISTAT).

Despite only being 9.6% of the population, young immigrants (14-24) commit 50.2 percent of thefts, 48.1 percent of robberies, 47.7 percent of sexual violence, and 40.4 percent of assaults.

And while only being 11.2% of the population, foreigners aged 18-24 make up 89.7 percent of crimes involving exploitation of prostitution, 55.8 percent of cases involving sexual violence, 52.8 percent of robberies, 52.4 percent of thefts, and 43.6 percent of malicious injury cases, according to Italy’s Libero newspaper. These stats only include first-generation immigrants, not children born to immigrants within Italy.

It’s obvious that Europe is seeing a breakdown of their culture and a rise in crime as a result of their policies that allow large droves of migrants to enter. Giorgia Meloni and her party is looking to put an end to that in Italy.

According to FOXNews.com:

Meloni campaigned on multiple issues, including the role of the family, protecting Italian national identity as well as economic and energy issues — but the fight over illegal immigration has remained a key campaign issue for years for the Italian right.

Both the Brothers of Italy and the League have consistently made border security and combating illegal immigration a cornerstone of their campaign platforms. With Italy on the front lines of the migrant flows coming across from Africa, those campaign promises have resonated with voters.

According to the U.N. Refugee Agency, there have been 67,851 migrant arrivals by sea in Italy alone so far this year, compared to 44,152 over the same period last year — an increase of more than 50%. Egypt, Tunisia and Bangladesh are the top three countries of origin for migrants and of those arriving, 75% are adult males.

“Letting in hundreds of thousands of people, then keeping them pushing drugs or being forced to prostitute themselves at the margins of our society isn’t solidarity,” she said.

Giorgia Meloni has been branded and being far-right, fascist, and Islamaphobic. However, the stats and the issues that large influxes of immigrants are causing don’t lie. Meloni seeks to put an end to the migrant issue in Italy, at the same time where many other parts of Europe are dealing with a similar issue of a result of allowing large drove of migrants, a majority of which are young males, to enter the country.

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