Edward Kimmel from Takoma Park, MD via Wikimedia Commons

A suspect in a series of killings targeting muslims in New Mexico has finally been arrested, and it appears that the man in question also happens to be a muslim.

As The Daily Wire reports:

Albuquerque police arrested a Muslim from Afghanistan in connection with at least two of the four Muslim men who have murdered in the area in recent months.

Police arrested 51-year-old Muhammad Syed and said that he would be charged with murdering two of the men and was a suspect in the murders of the other two. The first Muslim man was killed in November 2021 and the other three were all killed in the last two weeks.

President Biden had previously released a statement on the killings earlier this week which seemed to insinuate they were hate crimes:

“I am angered and saddened by the horrific killings of four Muslim men in Albuquerque,” Biden said in a statement. “While we await a full investigation, my prayers are with the victims’ families, and my Administration stands strongly with the Muslim community.

“These hateful attacks have no place in America,” Biden added.

The New York Times reported that Syed had previously faced domestic violence charges and may have targeted they men because they were Shiite Muslims and he was angry that his daughter had married Shiite Muslim.

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1 month ago

So a Muslim murdered a Muslim, what makes it a hate crime?, unless it was a different division within the Muslim religion.

MD Anthony
MD Anthony
1 month ago

Ethnic Tribalim
Sunni’s kill Shiite’s
Shiites Kill Sunni’s
It will not change

Patrick Cross
Patrick Cross
1 month ago

So, pieces of muslim trash were killed by another muslim. Filthy, unsanitary animals, every muslim alive