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As Republicans prepare for a highly likely takeover of the House of Representatives in November, the GOP leadership is planning a lengthy list of oversight goals targeting the Biden administration and the Democrats’ formation of the Jan. 6 select committee.

The party’s targets include Hunter Biden’s business dealings, Afghanistan, the origins of the coronavirus, inflation causes and the U.S.-Mexico border.

As Politico reports:

Republicans view executive-branch oversight as a significant piece of their 2023 agenda, driven in part by the reality that divided government would leave no path for most of their legislative priorities. Investigations also give the House GOP high-profile chances to lob subpoenas and tough questions at Biden officials heading into 2024, when it hopes to take the Senate and White House too.

“I think it’s really going to be focused on holding the Biden administration accountable and getting answers. … It is going to be a lot of intense oversight,” said Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.), who is expected to be majority leader if the chamber flips to the GOP.

And Republicans will have lots to choose from. The problem will be prioritizing from a long list of damaging Biden issues. And being ready to launch when the new House session begins in January 2023.

Politico reports that: “Jamie Comer, the Kentucky Republican who is expected to lead the panel should Republicans take the majority, said that he was trying to lay the groundwork now so that he and his members could start right away in January.”

In addition to Hunter Biden’s overseas business schemes, the baby formula crisis, and Biden’s Afghan debacle, Republicans are still sorting out how they will probe the partisan Jan. 6 panel and Capitol security.

Demonstrating that the Jan. 6 committee was simply a partisan political witch hunt to damage Trump will be a key to the GOP efforts leading into 2024.

But Team Biden’s massive mishandling of the border and immigration will also be major topics of investigation. According to Politico:

Jim Jordan, the Ohio Republican and House Freedom Caucus founding member who is line to chair the Judiciary Committee, immediately pointed to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and the border as a focus for his panel in 2023.

“We certainly need to dig into more of the terrible way Mayorkas has run — I think intentionally — the way he has the Department of Homeland Security,” Jordan said.

Jordan pointed to two potential areas he wanted to probe: border enforcement and the creation of a DHS “disinformation” board, which the department subsequently paused after a flood of GOP criticism. Jordan has also been communicating with Senate Republicans who are brainstorming their own investigative plans if they are able to flip the upper chamber this fall. 

If the GOP flips the Senate too, it will be a game changer and expect these investigations to become even more damaging to the Democrats. ADN


  1. Republicans re-gaining the House of Representatives should provide several opportunities to return the Federal Government to operating impartially and within the law. Closing the border to stop illegal immigration, investigating criminal activity in leaving Afghanistan, crimes by Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, Mrs Biden, etc.,etc., …. Jail time and impeachment I hope.

  2. It’s about time! But will they really do it? The Democrats have hoodwinked us for so long with the idea that their evil should have an equal voice that it is now considered “normal.” Even if they do investigate, the Democrat-communist press will paint it as a witch hunt until conservative Americans crawl back into their hole.
    Most likely, nothing significant will ever happen, and the Dem-Coms will continue their take over.

  3. If the repubs do as they always have, they will roll over and do nothing. They have always squandered every opportunity they ever had to accomplish anything. They “play along to get along”! They cower in fear of the media and the dems. Will they ever learn that to win a fight, you have to be in it! I can only hope they will finally realize that the far-left media and the dems are NEVER going to give them an inch. Also, the rinos are even worse than the aforementioned lefties. They eat their own.

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