Greg Gutfeld speaking with attendees at the 2018 Student Action Summit hosted by Turning Point USA at the Palm Beach County Convention Center in West Palm Beach, Florida. Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons.

Fox star Greg Gutfeld laid into President Biden on during Thursday’s broadcast of ‘The Five’ for losing, not only his own mind, but also the very sense of ‘what America is.’

As The Daily Wire reports:

“It is not America last, it is a specific number of Americans last. Permission to go off?” Gutfeld asked, and when he got the go ahead, he proceeded to unload both barrels.

“The government doesn’t like half of the people they’ve governed. Actually, it might even be higher,” Gutfeld began, arguing that the Democratic Party was the “party of the oppressed” and anyone who did not fit that description was a hindrance.

“Even if you are a mom with a baby, you are an oppressor. You reproduce, which harms the environment. You expand your carbon footprint. You didn’t terminate the child. There is no baby — no baby formula, they think is not a bad thing,” Gutfeld continued. “Jesse is right. If we had an engaged president who could see the priorities of the average American clearly instead of running cover for woke policies, whether it is canceling student debt, defunding the police, the medicalization of children, we would have beaten this thing or got a head start on this.”

“Instead, we make fun of him about losing his keys, whatever, losing his place, but he’s kind of lost the sense of what America is,” Gutfeld added. “He has forgotten that he is president of all of us. And he is the most slow to react president probably in U.S. history. … And when he is called out, he just starts yelling. It is a manufactured rage — I [don’t] know if he saw that tape yesterday, it is a manufactured rage. It is a man shouting at the clouds. And really having no idea what to do.”

Biden and his administration have recently been accused by many of being flat-footed in their response to the shortage of baby formula which has effected much of the country in recent weeks.

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