Photo by Gage Skidmore

Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) celebrated the end of Covid restrictions on college campuses in its many chapters across the country on Thursday.

Since the start of the pandemic YAL has consistently opposed the draconian mandates and restrictions pushed on students by woke college administrators, fighting restrictions on more than 37 college campuses throughout the U.S.

YAL also heavily promoted a petition to end the ‘endless’ pandemic in 2021.

As JP Kirby, YAL’s director of student rights noted: “As we see campus bureaucrats and state officials finally defend students’ freedom because it’s become politically expedient, YAL wants to make sure that we give praise to our college activists, who have fought medical tyranny on campus since day one…From the YAL members who organized anti-lockdown protests in March 2020 to those who mobilized their chapters against vaccine mandates, these activists have stood up for liberty—even when it was unpopular with their schools, their friends, and their own families.”


  1. This end of restriction unfortunatly had nothing or at best anything to do with YAL. I am though tanking YALfor standing up for freedom against the majority of students and even their families at time. These people deserve all the respect and gratitude of all of us who have know the truth about the covid hoax. But the end of restrictions was a political decision and hopefully too late to do these corrupt, control freak dems (and some reps and generally the govt, media anyone who was making a buck, like big pharma and of course the CDC and FDA, both very corrupt agencies, from gaining any ground in the up coming elections because you do know people have short memories and are stupid.

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