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A coordinated globalist campaign to use the worldwide COVID pandemic for a “Great Reset” of capitalism appears to have backfired, as a new poll reveals 90 percent of Americans believe businesses should stop trying to be “woke.”

Under a plan termed the “Great Reset” by the World Economic Forum at its June 2020 meeting, businesses and corporations would no longer make profits the goal of capitalism, but would instead focus on using their power to push ecosocialism and convert global citizens to be “woke” on social issues.  Led by

A new Rasmussen Reports poll reveals it’s not going so well.

Despite years of aggressive campaigns by companies to signal their “social responsibility” and “green initiatives,” only 10 percent of Americans say companies should make environmental and social change a priority.

The latest Heartland Institute/Rasmussen Reports survey finds 45 percent of likely voters say the a businesses’ top priority should be “providing individual consumers with high quality products and services at the lowest prices,” not social issues.

“Another 23% think businesses should prioritize providing good benefits and pay to employees, and 14% say earning a profit to benefit shareholders or owners should be the top priority,” Rasmussen Reports finds.

Billions of dollars in spending on corporate “wokeism” and environmentalism appears to have failed miserably.

“Only nine percent (9%) of voters think trying to stop climate change should be the top priority for business, and a mere one percent (1%) think using business resources to pursue social justice causes should be a top priority,” says Rasmussen Reports.

Voter also believe the United Nations and other globalist bodies should have no role in guiding American businesses – a crushing defeat for the Great Reset.

‘A majority (53%) of voters don’t believe international institutions like the United Nations, World Economic Forum, and International Monetary Fund should be influential in creating regulations governing United States businesses,” writes Rasmussen Reports. “Only 11% believe such international organizations should be Very Influential in the creation of regulations, while another 26% believe international institutions should be Somewhat Influential.”

Despite being led by major global figures like Prince Charles, few have heard of the Great Reset and those who have don’t like what they hear.

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