Ajay Suresh from New York, NY, USA / CC BY (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)

A columnist for the New York Times is begging President Joe Biden to not run for re-election, claiming the President is “alarmingly incoherent.” Context: Bret Stephens, a columnist for the New York Times, wants Biden to announce his intentions to not seek re-election so Democrat contenders can make preparations for their runs. Stephens argues that Biden’s age and his cognitive state make it unhealthy for him to seek a second term. Why this matters: Stephens is a “conservative” and critic of Donald Trump argued that Biden announcing his retirement would energize a weak Democrat party. Why this is important: In the 80s it was “fair game” for the press to criticize President Ronald Reagan’s age but the late 70’s Biden is off-limits.


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    1. The CAT hole ikk cemeteries have been dug up for the past hundred years on every election. F J Bidet will be dug up too.

  1. Unhealthy to seek a second term ? Hell , it was unhealthy for him to seek a first term . And I am not speaking of his health . I speak of the health of America . This sorry excuse for a politician has done nothing to benefit this nation in his 40+ years as a DC politician . NOTHING !

    1. The sorry excuse has lots of backing. Every nation south of the border is of the same ‘ilk’ and have a perfect record. A hundred nations, a thousand years, and exactly 100% FAILURE.

  2. Biden I’d a demented thief who stole the election. We traded peace & prosperity for idiot Biden who hid in his basement? That’s a joke!

  3. I agree Biden is unhinged. We do not need a liberal from the NYT to tell us. Get rid of Planned Parent hood and abortion pills they are a crime a murder.

  4. He’s not incoherent, he’s just speaking Xuanloc Calderouz. It’s been spoken for billions of years across a wide spectrum of species in various universes on numerous planes. I hope this clears up any misunderstanding by a species most undeserving of his presence.

  5. Despite all we hear about Joe Depends, when will the real president be revealed? The one who is pulling Joe’s puppet strings. Joe’s mental capacity limits him to be able only to follow orders from his real boss and even then only if he is closely watched and guided.

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