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Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) recently notched a major victory for the freedom of students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where it successfully opposed the implementation of a proposed COVID-19 tracking app.

The app, known as the ‘Safer Community’ app, which attempted to publicly show each student’s Covid testing and vaccination status.

On October 20th YAL officially launched a petition opposing the app’s attack on student medical privacy.

Shortly after the petition had gathered more than 500 signatures the University Chancellor announced that the University would no longer be requiring students to use the ‘Safer Community’ app.

YAL leaders spoke out after their major victory for student liberty (per YAL Press Release):

“I was just trying to warn people about the university’s threat to student liberty, from Bluetooth contact tracking to ‘papers-please’ status check apps for entering buildings,” said Gale. “Thankfully, Nebraskans care deeply about their freedoms, and our petition to end the so-called ‘Safer Community’ app garnered enough support to put an end to our university’s tyrannical COVID-19 guidelines.”

“A year-and-a-half into ’15 days to slow the spread,’ students are standing up to demand their privacy and autonomy,” said YAL Director of Free Speech JP Kirby. “Zach and his team reached their classmates, confronted Nebraska’s board of regents, and took the action necessary to take their rights back. This victory for the Student Rights Campaign shows what can happen when students realize the only way to preserve their own freedoms are to answer the call to action and take bold, decisive steps to wrestle them from the hands of bureaucrats.”


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way to be