Photo by Gage Skidmore

‘Young Americans for Liberty’ (YAL), the nation’s premier Libertarian youth organization has now organized a major petition to fight the seemingly never-ending pandemic foisted upon America by liberal authoritarians.

The petition, which is predicted to garner over 100,000 signatures urges students and faculty at Universities across America to stand up for “an America where you can work freely, raise a family, and make your own decisions.”

YAL has done an incredible amount since the onset of the pandemic to fight back against the woke tyranny of the Democrat party, as their release notes:

Since the onset of the pandemic, YAL has fought COVID-19 vaccine mandates on 23 college campuses, most notably at Rutgers University, Virginia Tech University, and the University of Colorado Boulder. At Rutgers, Sara Razi—a junior at the school and one of YAL’s New Jersey state chairs—organized a protest against Rutgers’ vaccine mandate earlier this year, rallying hundreds of students in support of medical freedom. At Virginia Tech, YAL activists circulated a petition encouraging students to protest mandatory vaccination on campus, garnering hundreds of signatures in a matter of weeks and delivering them to the administration.

YAL has also influenced policymaking at the state level, rallying legislators to fight back against COVID-19 tyranny. Members of YAL’s Hazlitt Coalition—the organization’s growing network of more than 170 pro-liberty legislators from nearly 40 states—have filed 25 bills defending American citizens’ rights against COVID-related infringements.

The petition will be widely circulated and promoted across social media. Will you help YAL protect the liberty of Americans?


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