The conservative group ‘Young Americans for Liberty’ (YAL) is now reportedly celebrating after working hard to get Republicans elected in the state of Virginia during the run-up to election day 2021.

As a release from the group detailed, YAL volunteers knocked on over 90,000 doors and has big plans for the years to come:

Austin, TX — Today, Young Americans for Liberty (YAL)—the nation’s most active youth libertarian organization—is claiming victory in Virginia, where a “red wave” reaffirmed the state’s burgeoning pro-liberty movement. Last night, a total of six YAL candidates won their respective races, namely Reps. Amanda Batten (VA-HD 96), ​​Mike Cherry (VA-HD 66), Nick Freitas (VA-HD 30), Marie March (VA-HD 7), Phillip Scott (VA-HD 88), and Michael Webert (VA-HD 18). Three are newcomers to the Virginia House of Delegates.

Due to the red wave, the Virginia House of Delegates has officially flipped, making it the second state legislature to switch control due to YAL’s direct involvement (the first being New Hampshire in 2020). Supporting the pro-liberty candidates in Virginia, YAL student activists knocked nearly 90,000 doors across the state, while spending countless hours phone-banking and distributing mailers to voters. It is part of the organization’s commitment—titled “Operation Win at the Door”—to advancing liberty throughout the 2022 election cycle, with YAL student activists planning to knock millions of doors nationwide to turn out the vote and build a bench of at least 250 pro-liberty legislators across the country.

Following the recent victories in Virginia, YAL’s Hazlitt Coalition now features 175 pro-liberty legislators, with dozens more expected in 2022. With education emerging as a top issue in Virginia, the Hazlitt Coalition is working around-the-clock to oppose “Critical Race Theory” and promote school choice on behalf of parents and students. The coalition’s members have passed education savings account (ESA) laws in three states: Kentucky, Missouri, and New Hampshire. In Virginia, Reps. Batten and Webert have emerged as leading education reformers, with Batten introducing an ESA bill of her own and Webert fighting for in-person instruction and education vouchers.

YAL is one of the many grassroots organizations that helped sweep the GOP to victory in races across the country on November 2nd.

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richard jones
richard jones
1 year ago

The true hero of the Virginia election is the (probably left-leaning) microphone holder, Kelli Stavast, who tried to convince auto-racer Brandon Brown and the NBC audience that the crowd was really yelling “Let’s go, Brandon.” The VA voters might technically have been voting against left-wing public school teachers and Critical Race Theory, but it was the Brandon bit that had their hearts.

Elizabeth Estrada aka CHIAKIA
Elizabeth Estrada aka CHIAKIA
1 year ago

LISTEN UP…THIS is a BATTLE Between GOOD and EVIL…RIGHT and WRONG. The GOOD GUYS are Going to WIN. SATAN is Going into the LAKE of FIRE. The FALLEN ANGELS are Being CAPTURED…IMPRISONED. GOD Always WIN. From SamuraiQueen. 😄😄😄