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Herschel Walker has now openly denounced former President Trump’s recent remarks casting doubt on whether Republicans would vote unless they ‘solve the Presidential Election Fraud of 2020.’

As The Daily Wire reports:

Walker, who was endorsed by Trump, was asked about Trump’s remarks during an interview this week with Brian Kilmeade on Fox News Radio.

“Is that the right message?” Kilmeade asked. “Don’t vote if things aren’t perfect?”

“That is not the right message,” Walker said. “I think everyone’s got to get out and vote. You know, we can’t look at the past. We can’t continue to look at the past. And that’s what I’ve tried to tell people and, you know, President Trump, I’m very honored that he endorsed me because he know I’m the right man for the job.”

“But he also knows Herschel Walker is going to do it Herschel Walker’s way, meaning I’m gonna go out and I’m gonna run for the seat,” Walker added. “This is not Donald Trump running for it, it’s Herschel Walker running for it. Because, you know, I’ve done the things that I think I need to do. And I know about this country, and I’m going to go out and fight for this country and fight for the state of Georgia.”

Rehashing the results of the 2020 election has become a primary fixation for former President Trump since the end of his term in office.

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