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Terry McAuliffe, the Democrat party’s candidate for the upcoming Gubernatorial contest in Virginia, had harsh words for President Biden.

McAuliffe openly blamed Biden for recent polls that saw his republican competitor quickly closing the gap.

As The Tri-City Herald reports:

Virginia gubernatorial Democrat candidate Terry McAuliffe cast President Joe Biden and his party’s lawmakers in Congress as a liability in the final weeks of the campaign, with polls showing a tightening race.

“We are facing a lot of headwinds from Washington,” McAuliffe, a former head of the Democratic National Committee, said during a virtual rally with supporters Tuesday. “As you know, the president is unpopular today, unfortunately, here in Virginia, so we’ve got to plow through.”

Biden is buffeted by intraparty fighting over his signature infrastructure package, a resurgent coronavirus pandemic and lingering bipartisan criticism for both his administration’s handling of migrants at the Southern border and the military’s August withdrawal from Afghanistan.

A former chair of the Democratic National Committee, McAuliffe’s distancing from the president may be a precursor as to how the party’s congressional candidates will try to save themselves in next year’s midterm elections.

Polls currently show McAuliffe in a dead heat with his Republican rival Glen Youngkin.


    1. globalist puppet, chester biden has been very useful to globalists for 46 years, that is the only reason globalists continue to use their voter fraud to appoint/reappoint their puppet, chester biden .

      1. I wouldn’t say That about many….. but I Totally AGREE.
        This guy is Truly SICK. Look and Listen to tge creature…… You can SEE it and even Feel it!

      1. You are SPOT ON with your Analysis of the man. A Nasty Smartass, Completely CROOKED Slimeball of a human being.
        Ya’ wouldn’t wanna be Ol’ Joe cone Judgement Day, I ASSURE YOU.
        Hunter is just plain DEMON SPAWN.

        1. And then there’s Jill; ditched her husband to have an affair with and then Marry politician Joe. Nice job raising Hunter!
          Real QUALITY, GOOD people these Joseph Biden’s!

  1. Too bad they don’t really turn on each other as socialists and communists have in the past. Just a few rats leaving a sinking ship.
    Will the elites and the bureaucracy step out of the shadows and take more open control?

  2. No need for globalist puppets; demonrats and rinos to worry . globalists will continue to use their voter fraud to appoint globalist puppets; demonrats and rinos .

    1. When Necessary, YES they Will.
      But the Fact remains, that we STILL have a Majority of our population that is Clueless and STUPID and DO legitimately vote in Democrats.

  3. of course it’s not Mcauliffe’s fault for saying parents should not have any say in what the teacher’s teach their kids, no it’s Biden’s fault, that’s how you know he is a Democrat, he blames someone else for the things he caused himself.

    1. You KNOW they’re a Democrat because of the WRONG, generally downright IMMORAL Stand they take on damned near EVERYTHING.
      If this country Doesn’t do an “about face” in Many areas, SOON___ WE ARE DOOMED.

  4. Birds of a feather flock together. McAuliffe and Biden are one and the same. They share the same Democommie ideology. If you do not like Biden and his communist policies and agenda then you do not want to vote for McAuliffe.

  5. LISTEN UP…..GOD’S BLESSING is Still with PREZ TRUMP. Whom GOD has CHOSEN…NO MAN Can Put ASUNDER. From SamuraiQueen. 😄😄😄

  6. Typical DemonCrat / liberal modus operandi: no personal responsibility exists. When I fall on my posterior and get egg on my face, it’s always the fault of someone ELSE.

  7. Democraps sleepy Joe Biden and awful Terry McAuliffe illustrate that donkey used oats, floats!

    Both have had career’s in politics and achieved nothing for the people of the USA!

  8. Democrats have fine tuned the art of stealing elections to the point that I doubt McAuliffe has anything to worry about…

  9. “McAuliffe openly blamed Biden for recent polls that saw his republican competitor quickly closing the gap.” Or, maybe it’s McAuliffe’s revealing his real thoughts–that Virginia parents should shut the hell up and just be glad his teachers union supporters are willing to brainwash and babysit their kids for nine months a year! Besides, we all know it’s Trump’s fault–whatever it is libs don’t like.

  10. Perhaps his recent declaration that parents of children attending school should have no say in what their children are being taught in the classroom has some bearing on his dip in the polls, but yes, Biden I’m sure doesn’t help as well.

    1. Can’t POSSIBLY Be That high. This country is now about 70% Moron, but even Most of Them don’t approve of the old Scumbag CRIMINAL.

  11. well we know for sure that biden is riding a wave of unpopular feelings-
    and the feeling is growing and not just in america-

  12. when one thinks of biden-several words might come to mind-
    such as-
    corrupt- criminal
    racist –
    touching children-
    sniffing women’s hair in an evil way
    non christian
    baby killer
    power crazed-

  13. Hope McAuliffe looses his shirt in this election. We need to start somewhere. Let’s get some great governors into office. Then follow with new senators in 2022.

  14. Biden is long gone, so who is dictating policy? The entire Democratic party has morphed into a CCP puppet . A far cry from the 1950s. 60s, and 70s, even 20 years ago. Today they are evil

    1. YES THEY ARE. Now, they have come to hate Christianity, because they KNOW that MOST of their stands they take are WRONG and Christianity calls them on the carpet for their aggressions. NOBODY likes to be told they’re Wrong and BAD, so they HATE Christianity and Righteousness.

      We ALL have a Conscience…. and it haunts HEAVILY when you KNOW that you’re Wrong.

    1. Satan’s mission is done___ACCOMPLISHED___ and Joe Biden will reside in Hell FOREVER.

  15. I will never trust a Democrat again – they are very good at saying one thing and doing another. This guy is no different. He’s tarred by the same brush. Detestable.

  16. McAuliffe is one of Hillary Clinton’s closest friends. He was elected Governor last time because of the campaign funds that were given to him by Hillary. And now he is saying what you want to hear. McAuliffe is a filthy criminal democrat. Just what the scum democrats of Virginia want again, since they all moved from the black capitol of America, to take their trash, and further trash Virginia ?

    1. McAuliffe is PURE EVIL. An Immoral, Nasty Scumbag that takes the WRONG stand on almost Every issue of Import. He is TRULY a BAD human being. He is Definitely cut from the same cloth as Biden himself, Sleazy Slimeballs out for personal wealth and what He/They conceive as “power”.

  17. MalcolmX,“The white liberal is the worst enemy to America, and the worst enemy to the black man. The worst enemy that the Negro have is this white man that runs around here drooling at the mouth professing to love Negros, and calling himself a liberal.

      1. Yes. Just LOOK at that F’ing IDIOT Jim Clyburn! WHAT a Stupid Ass!
        They’re SO Dumb they just fall for that Democrat BULLSHIT hook, line and sinker FOREVER!.
        Malcolm X was about a Hundred times brighter than his Black brethren.

  18. Once conservative Virginia went twice for Obama and once each for Clinton and Biden. They are getting exactly what they deserve. Even more do, if they are damn fool enough to hire McAuliffe.

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