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A new poll shows President Joe Biden likely losing a 2024 re-election rematch against former President Donald Trump as skyrocketing inflation, a botched withdrawal from Afghanistan and an angry reaction to his failure to control a rebounding coronavirus are taking their toll on his approval rating.

Biden trails Trump by one percent, 47 percent to 46 percent, in the national popular vote measured in a new Emerson College poll.

A president’s job approval often closely follows his re-election numbers and Biden appears to be no different, with 47 percent disapproving and 46 percent approving.  Six percent are supporting “someone else.”

The poll also shows Trump winning the Republican nomination with 67 percent support among a wide field of candidates.

Trump is the only potential nominee leading Biden, but those numbers still spell likely doom for Biden

Biden would lead Utah Senator Mitt Romney, the GOP nominee from 12 years earlier, by a 42 percent to 23 percent margin.  But 29 percent of voters are undecided or supporting “someone else” and appear to be mostly conservatives unhappy with Romney. 

Early polls often show large numbers of undecided or third party voters, but by Election Day most end up supporting the major-party challenger to the incumbent.

Biden leads Florida Governor Ron DeSantis by even more, 48 percent to 36 percent, with 12 percent, but DeSantis would likely win most of the undecideds and Florida, placing Biden in a tough fight.

The White House seems to have reacted by focusing their coronavirus strategy at policies that attack DeSantis and other red state governors.

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